How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?

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Generally, we always talk about flow, product selection, and monetization, but speaking too much does not mean that we really understand the meaning.

Today, I will share with you gameplay that connects TikTok, E-comm shop, and Amazon, and see how TikTok plays with traffic, product selection, and monetization.

Features of Tiktok Account

The TikTok account analyzed today is teresalauracaruso, an American lady. The TikTok content is mainly a collection of Amazon recommendations. At present, the number of TikTok fans is growing at a rate of hundreds of thousands every three months.

Basic Information:

Account: Teresalauracaruso
Number of fans: 2.9M
Number of likes: 92.6M
Product Type: Home, Stationery

The TikTok page of teresalauracaruso: Comfortable!

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Teresalauracaruso mainly promotes home products, so the background color of the TikTok page is mainly an off-white and wood grain background. The interface is very comfortable at a glance.

In addition, the title is neat and uniform, the color is pink or beige, and the font is basically the same.


The most important thing is to highlight the importance of the title. The basic composition of the teresalauracaruso title is [Amazon + category + action phrase]

Among them, the action phrases in the last part of the title are very important. Because of the nature of TikTok social media, similar to Instagram, it is more inclined to establish friendly connections with users (potential consumers).

It is especially important to rely on sharing to establish an "emotional connection" between bloggers and readers and to keep customers coming back so that they can stand out among the many large TikTok influencers. This is especially important.

Therefore, in the action expression, it is more like a friend who likes Amway next to you. The action phrases used by teresalauracaruso are mainly as follows:

  1. [Amazon+category+you need/must have] Solve user needs and focus on user benefits
  2. [Amazon + category + gadgets] comprehensive recommendation, more including technology products
  3. [Amazon + category + I love/favorite] Internet celebrity effect, recommended
  4. [Amazon + category + Gift idea] gift recommendation, actually marketing around various festivals, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day
How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Hashtag analysis

  1. Common categories of hashtags such as #kitchen #gadget
  2. Product name hashtag, such as #prepdeck (9M views)
  3. Traffic hashtage: #amazonfinds #Amazon #amazonprime

It can be seen from the screenshot that there are not many hashtags for Miss Sister, but each comes with millions of traffic.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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How to drive conversion

Is it simply TikTok that leads to Amazon stores?

Wrong! You can make money through affiliates without having to buy goods. Through the Amazon affiliate project, TikTok, Shopify, and Amazon are linked together to realize traffic monetization.

Before introducing the new model, let me talk about the core of affiliate marketing:
High-quality traffic + affiliate channels + high-conversion products + high-return affiliate projects.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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But what is the whole gameplay in this case today?

Tiktok Drainage---- E-comm shop Transfer----Jump to Amazon Page----Customer Places Order----Commission Gets

Premium traffic entrance: TikTok

Each video basically has as many as 100,000 or even a million views, and there are more than 1,000 comments and interactions. The traffic caused by a short video is very huge.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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High conversion products

On the blogger's introduction page, the main feature is the daily necessities, the civilian price, the most expensive cooking table is $125, and the others are basically around $10 to $50; the design is simple and at the same time very novel.

The problem of product selection is a major issue. However, under this model, the difficulty of product selection is greatly reduced. Amazon product recommendation type TikTok video selection range is particularly wide, from home to stationery to technology, as long as you think it is possible, you can shoot the video, upload it, and finally use Amazon conversion data to determine the next selection direction.

Blogger teresalauracaruso's main selection types are 24 categories, covering all categories of home, let us feel the following category screenshots.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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You can even decide the direction of selection based on the commission ratio of various products.

E-comm Shop Transit

Now we look at his E-comm shop link, address:

The most powerful method of the whole game is to transfer to an E-comm shop, carrying the traffic directed by TikTok, and then jumping from the E-comm shop to the Amazon page.

In the process, in addition to adding a step in the entire purchase process, it is easy to lose customers unexpectedly, while there seem no other shortcomings.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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The E-comm shop transfer station, on the one hand, obtains the TikTok traffic import, accepts the traffic, and the E-comm shop background can do data analysis; on the other hand, the traffic entering the E-comm shop is not only directed to Amazon, but also to the shopping platform with higher commission. Customer purchases;

Besides, if one day you don’t want to only earn commissions and want to transform into selling goods, after the initial flow and brand accumulation, the E-comm shop foundation will definitely be stronger than the newly opened store, and SEO will definitely have an advantage.

E-comm shop design

The design style of the E-comm shop is consistent with TikTok's painting style, pink and wood grain Morandi color, mainly to create a sense of home life and comfort.

E-comm shop section

Shop my TikTok

Since customers came from TikTok, of course, I went straight to the topic and set up the [Shop my tiktok] section.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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In this section, the second [Amazon Shop Page] jumps directly to [Amazon Influence Page].

[Amazon Influence Page] is a page specially provided for bloggers on the road. You only need to do the pre-drainage work, and then set the Amazon Influence Page. If the user pays, you can get a commission.

[Amazon Influence Page] It has similar functions to an E-comm shop. Of course, the sales are stronger. All kinds of product categories can then be directly jumped to the purchase page.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Other Affiliates redirect links

Not only Amazon has an Affiliate project, but other platforms also have it. Therefore, the same TikTok video can be used to contain products with different Affiliate projects, imported into an independent station at the same time, and then transferred to other platforms (such as Etsy) to get commissions.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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The last part is the website blog, but the content of the blog is related to the recommended content of TikTok, but it focuses on the product text introduction, but it will also jump to Amazon for purchase.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Amazon Traffic Hosting Page

Independent URL and product options

If you successfully register for the Amazon influencers page, Amazon will give you a URL of your own, which you can put on the TikTok homepage for users to see.

Your own URL will be better than others, and it will be easy for shoppers to remember. When users click on the URL, they will be taken to a product page recommended by the blogger based on their style.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Independent layout design

When customers browse the blogger’s page, they will see a series of products and thumbnails, as well as their prices, Prime status, and a small description of each product.

The advantage of this is that bloggers can plan product collections based on their knowledge and experience, just like clothing stores launch certain clothing at different times of the year, such as school or Christmas.

How does TikTok drive traffic to Amazon stores?
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Case Inspiration

E-commerce thinking

The gameplay in this case looks very new, but it is actually inseparable from the basic principles:

How to get the most traffic at the lowest cost, and how to realize the most convenient way after the traffic is acquired.

In this case, from traffic acquisition to final realization, each step (TikTok, independent station, Affiliate, Amazon) is familiar to us, so we need to think about how to revitalize the steps and play more tricks.

The importance of creating a private domain traffic pool

Bloggers of any category can participate in this program, but they must meet Amazon's requirements. Bloggers must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to be eligible.

While Amazon looks at the number of fans and other engagement metrics on social media, it also looks at the type of content you post and its relevance to Amazon customers.

Opportunities are for those who are prepared. In the early days, if you paid attention to private domain traffic pools, prepared various social media matrices, and focused on the growth of the number of fans and the creation of content, do you have another possibility to make money today?


No matter from TikTok to E-comm shop or Amazon, every page is a kind of enjoyment. Even if it is a transit from an E-comm shop, knowing that the terminal is going to Amazon, I can't help but take a look at the E-comm shop.

The success of a case is inseparable from the design. From color matching to fonts, users can feel "exquisiteness" rather than cheapness.

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