Amazon peak season operation strategy

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List of festivals and selections

1. October 31: Halloween (Halloween - lamps, tableware, cosplay costumes, wigs, whole gifts will be big sellers in the whole month of October) Using GoogleTrends to locate popular theme costumes for your target market is one of the must-do homework. The stocking time should start in September. Halloween - lights, tableware, cosplay costumes, wigs, and trick-or-treating gifts will sell well in October, but Halloween is not as influential in Europe as it is in North America.

2. November 25: Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving - the most important holiday in the United States), more influential than Christmas, kitchen supplies sales will be greatly increased. The stocking time should start in September. The main products are kitchen supplies, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, home decor (especially lights), baby products, consumer electronics. At the same time, gifts will enter the hot season with many important winter holidays, all supplies will be sold in November throughout the month

3. November 25: Black Friday (Black Friday - the traditional offline shopping day in the United States) preparation time from September to October. The main products: kitchen supplies, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, home decor, colored lights, baby products, consumer electronics. In addition to shopping for Christmas gifts, there are not a few stocking up.

4. November 29: Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday - Amazon's biggest online shopping festival of the year, with best sellers in all categories, be sure to apply in advance)

5. Super Sunday: eBay UK's shopping holiday at the end of November

Amazon peak season operation strategy
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6. World Football Day 12.9 and International Basketball Day 12.21: you can use these two specific days to promote some sporting goods, fitness equipment, outdoor products, sports clothing, shoes and hats.

7. December 24: Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve - best seller in all categories, best seconds: December 1 - 20)

8. December 25: Christmas Day (Christmas Day) Christmas is also a hot season for gardening products, heating equipment is hot, fashion accessories, jewelry and watches in December will account for a quarter of the annual sales. Cell phones and consumer electronics are hot; sporting goods as gifts or for personal use enter the hot market. Winter skiing equipment is a hot seller. Strong sales of plush toys.

9. December 31: New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve)

10. January 1: New Year's Day (New Year's Day)

11. January 6: End of the holiday season

Please pay special attention to stocking up in advance of the holiday season so that there are no out-of-stock situations.
Sellers who have experienced the peak season know that before the peak season comes, Amazon will check the operation of abnormal stores. The light is to reduce the power and ranking, and the heavy is to block the store. Therefore, in the weeks before the peak season, sellers should pay extra attention to the operation methods to remove the non-compliant things to ensure that the store can sell normally in the peak season.
Store information should not be changed at will. Shop information involves too many facets and should not be modified at will once it is ready. Especially in the period before the peak season, modify the information may trigger the Amazon system to audit the seller's account.

And this period of time Amazon store applications and audits are more strict and slower than usual. Once the Amazon audit process is therefore stuck in the main, then you can only watch the orders fly away, so, modify the store information can be, but try to choose the off-season to carry out.

Amazon for sellers store assessment content is also considered a minefield mainly include.
Order defect rate <1%, pre-delivery cancellation rate <2.5%, late delivery rate <4%, effective tracking > 98%, the number of responses within 24 hours > 90%.

These are Amazon's product red line, there will be more stringent audit before the arrival of the peak season, sellers who do not want to miss the opportunity, take this time to try to eliminate the bad factors.

In addition, counterfeit products, infringing products, plagiarized products, false and exaggerated description products, swiped products, evaluation manipulation products, etc. are also minefields that Amazon sellers cannot touch.

Amazon peak season operation strategy
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Targeted improvement of Amazon product ranking

Product title and keyword matching

Keyword optimization is the most important step before doing a new product ranking. You can search through the Amazon search bar, similar product sales and higher-ranking competitors, and other relevant channels for keyword screening, classification and collection, and apply to the product title and description, do not repeat the same keywords and ensure that the product title and keywords match. Product title reference suggestions: brand name + core words + product name + attributes/materials + model/adjectives + size/color (sub-products) Note: If it is its own brand, the brand name is recommended in the first, if not, it is recommended not to put the product brand name.

Buy Box

According to statistics, 82% of Amazon transactions are completed through Buy Box, which means that sellers who have Buy Box have a much higher chance of selling their products than other sellers. For sellers, how to get Buy Box gold shopping cart to increase store sales is crucial.

Product detail page

The best product detail page should have information that can stimulate buyers' desire to buy. An effective product detail page can attract buyers to buy your products through the following features.
-- Product images that inspire the desire to buy
--Irresistible product price
--clear and concise point-by-point descriptions
--Imaginative product descriptions
--Pictures that stimulate the desire to buy
Effective product images can stimulate buyers' imagination and can stimulate their desire to buy products.

Downlisting out-of-stock products

In order to become a Buy Box Seller, you need to make sure that your core business is secure. Costly mistakes like out-of-stock and sold-out can damage a seller's core business. If a product is sold out before the listing is taken down, it can affect the seller's ODR (Order Defect Rate), which can cause the platform to close the seller's account. Even if a seller is lucky enough not to have his or her account closed, a seller who places an order for a sold-out product may leave a bad review. The lower the credit rating, the harder it is to win Buy Box. to avoid running out of stock, either constantly check the sales channel, timely processing of orders; or use inventory and order management software.

The proportion of product sales weight

Sales are the most critical step to improve the ranking of new products. The higher the sales ranking, so Amazon in the calculation of the analysis of the ranking will be combined with your product sales to rank, you search for products in the foreground, you will find many in Amazon will automatically in the search results of hot products be added to the "Best-Seller" (best-selling goods) logo.

Amazon peak season operation strategy
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Product conversion rate sales weight ratio

the conversion rate will actually directly affect the product a natural ranking, to ensure product quality, which is the most important factor to improve the conversion rate, in order to product is the king of Amazon platform, and then the good operation is not possible to a poor quality products continue to operate.

Product review ratings and quantity

Amazon platform products are king and have their own evaluation system, customer experience in the first place. The ranking of the product is also very important. When you search for a product, you will find that the first ranked product may have fewer sales than the second, but its reviews have a higher score and more quantity than the second. Therefore find ways to increase the number of reviews and positive feedback rate is also an important point.

The pricing of similar products

Price differentiation: prices are set reasonably to avoid unnecessary competition. Generally speaking, consumers tend to look for the best price, while the price is also a necessary condition for competition Buy Box (golden shopping cart). For improving product sales and conversion rate, Buy Box will play a big role. For new product pricing, many people may just start to price competition, it is not recommended to do so, now any e-commerce platform is "no activity is not sales", so 10-20% higher than the normal selling price is more appropriate to leave some space for the product. In addition, the higher the unit price of the product, the faster the ranking rise. If the product is cost-effective, maintains a stable high conversion, it is easy to improve the ranking; if the product unit price is too low, want to improve the ranking or home page will be more difficult, this is because Amazon pays great attention to the product experience.

The overall quality of the listing

Listing optimization is the most important step in the operation phase of Amazon. Nowadays, most Amazon sellers' listings are not properly optimized, making it difficult for listings to be searched by buyers. The title, description and pictures are very important, the title refers to the front keyword optimization; description as much as possible to use long-tail words to highlight the product features and selling points; pictures are best to take multi-angle shots, the higher the pixel the better, reflecting the highlights of the product. At the same time, the listing should focus on questions and answers, and respond positively to buyers.

Choose the exact product category

The exact product category affects the relevance of the search ranking. Amazon's search results are displayed in accordance with the category range, in the shelves of products, it is important to choose the right classification, belonging to the classification will serve as a relevance factor, affecting the search results. Do not switch categories frequently, to find their own advantages of the category is good, more attention to the value of the product. Amazon has a lot of attributes to choose from under each product category, so we fill in the new product on the shelves with good product attributes, such as material. Choose a good product category node is very important for ranking.

Amazon peak season operation strategy
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Good off-site attraction

Social media Try not to focus all your efforts on one social media platform. Instead, you can choose a set of two or three different platforms through which you can attract an audience. This does not mean that you should use every available social media channel. Instead, you should study the behavior and key customer segments of your potential customers to determine which platforms they use most often and choose the ones that work best for your business with customized campaigns.

Boost Amazon Amazon sales with Reddit marketing (Reddit economy) is a marketing method that cooperates with celebrities who act as opinion leaders in various fields and have a large number of followers, using them to carry out marketing activities such as retweeting, direct posting, implanting, carrying numbers, and hard advertising for products or brands, and promoting them to achieve the purpose of expanding communication influence, increasing brand awareness or boosting sales.

Improve seller account performance

Performance indicators that affect the performance of the seller's account, such as the buyer's bid and bad reviews, the seller's order processing speed, inventory rate, order defect rate, refund rate, return rate, etc. Sellers can view specific information on the backend performance page. With good account performance, the product ranking will naturally be improved accordingly.

Increase product exposure in the search index

Prices, availability, optional styles and sales history will affect the position of the product in the search results. In addition, Amazon will continue to adjust the order of the search results in order to more fairly promote a variety of goods. This means that better-selling items tend to rank higher; as long as your sales increase, your items will often appear at the top of the search results.

Search terms (keywords) are the main way buyers find items on Amazon. Good search terms can greatly increase the exposure and sales of your products. Think from the buyer's perspective and use the terms that are most commonly used on your own site or in your product category.

Amazon peak season operation strategy
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Amazon peak season after-sales service

During the peak season, orders will increase, and so will the after-sales service, so there will be a lot of returns, bad reviews, logistics, and other problems.
-- Check your own Email, if there is Amazon issued a reminder of shipping, the first time to deal with.
-- Develop some email reply templates, clear division of labor, timely handling of emails, returns and other after-sales issues.
-- Shipping with some small gifts or thank you cards to increase the goodwill of buyers.
-- For not timely delivery, lost package shipments, timely apologize to customers and arrange refunds or resend matters
-- For the inquiry of the logistics status of the mail, timely reply and inform the customer query status and query website, for the customer can query themselves

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