Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing

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A good listing can be crucial to the sales of a product. It requires a lot of energy and time to edit, but also requires constant experimental analysis and optimization, so today I will take you to learn how to write and optimize their own listings to make high conversion of popular products.

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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How to make a high converting Amazon Listing


The title is the main basis for Amazon to determine the product, is the main source of obtaining traffic.
The general way to write the title: the main keyword + brand name + high search volume of long-tail keywords + function + attributes + scope of application.

The main keyword can research Top 5-10 product titles, through the word frequency to find the highest repetition rate of words, as the main words of the title. As for the long title or short title is good, there is no definite, try to keep it short and clear, so that your title is in line with consumer search habits.

Imitation and research

Find your top competitors, edit and modify their listings for your own use, imitate the perfect competition's framework, logic. And in the appropriate position to insert their own selling points and differentiation, replace some keywords and word order.
In this way, you can easily write a high-quality original listing After all, the secret of listing writing and optimization is imitation.

However, how to imitate? This is also the problem. We will collect the competitor's good listing in Word or Excel document, find the most favorite listing style of your similar products, imitate its listing framework and logical thinking, on the basis of this copywriting secondary creation.

You can observe in real-time the impact of changes to the web page on its listing display effect, so as to make adjustments. Second, the browser can be used as a Word interface, not just as a tool for browsing the Internet. Sellers can also edit competing listings, make a relatively perfect listing, and then save and upload.

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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Insert your own unique words into Listings

You can freely edit the listing copy of competitors, insert your own innovative selling points and your own differentiation at the appropriate location, and insert words belonging to your product characteristics in the title, description and other text or long description. Insert your own unique and distinctive words, such as brand name, your own main words, in the peer competition, you need to make clear to consumers what makes you different from your competitors, in order to make your product stand out. You can also replace some keywords and change the word order. Add some and its competitor's listing repetition rate.

Compare with other competitors, change the bad points in advance by using the "Compare with similar items" on the listing page, find the most evenly matched competitors, extract their main images and detailed matching information, and compare the strengths and weaknesses of their own products.

(1) Continue to imitate and surpass the good points you encounter.

(2) In case the Amazon system matches these strong competitors in your listing below( you see no advantage, and then panic to change the listing is also bad), please predict in advance. It is recommended to analyze the competitor's forecast by "Compare with similar items" in advance and study the competitor well in advance to help optimize their own products, enhance their competitiveness and facilitate their own better than the competition.

Use pictures to attract buyers

When buyers are shopping, the first thing they see is the product picture, so the main picture must have a sense of three-dimensional, seemingly lifelike is the most attractive.

And product images have a fairly important role in the listing click and conversion. What we want to do is to use the product selling points in a more intuitive way to express the picture, to do and five points echo, while the style of the picture with the tone of the product itself to maintain consistency, such as gaming chairs with blue and black reflect the cool sense of technology, humidifiers and other household products with warm colors reflect a sense of warmth.

(1) The main picture of the product to a certain extent determines the listing click-through rate, there is a click, will contribute to the subsequent conversion. The official requirements of the main picture of the product is white background, and occupy 85% of the picture, we can make several main pictures at the same time, test the click rate under different angles, and select the high click rate as our final main picture.

In addition, Amazon requires the main image to be white. If the physical color of the product itself is white, then you need to refer to how similar competing products on sale are photographed and not to break the rules.

(2) The other six auxiliary pictures can show the product size, functional selling points, scenarios applicable, how to use, packaging accessories, etc. respectively. Size chart can be added to the general product as a reference standard, so that customers feel more intuitive to the size of the product; scene application chart, we have to preset the customer's use of the scene, you can refer to similar products customer comments with pictures; functional selling points chart, from the QA to find the point of customer concern, focusing on visual description.

At the same time, sellers with brand filings can upload videos and add A+ to extend the buyer's dwell time on the product page and increase the conversion rate.

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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Highlight product differences

A person with a distinctive character or a maverick pig can always leave a deep impression.

To emphasize the highlights of the product you have to emphasize the differences!

Therefore, the description of the product differentiation is also of paramount importance. Sellers must fully understand the characteristics of their own products and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' products.

The following five descriptions can be used as a reference template.

① The outstanding selling points of the product a

② Prominent selling points of the products

③ Product material + size

④ Product application occasions

⑤ Seller's guarantee

It should be noted that the biggest advantage of the product must be written in the first and second lines.
Here is another tip, the important features at the beginning of each line should be summarized and all in capital letters, as shown in the underlined figure.

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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Production description(detailed)

Good seller service descriptions and after-sales details of the product will make buyers feel that you are sincere and reliable.
The detailed description, also known as the long description, includes the following points.

① Write some information about the store, including product after-sales service, how to protect the interests of buyers, etc., a simple, accurate overview can be.

② Detailed information about the product.

③ You can write five points about the product features that are not fully written in the description.

④ Additional freebies and accessories are included in the product.

You can also outline the product parameters, packaging information, product quality, after-sales service and other key information; at the same time, you can add the brand story to allow buyers to deepen their knowledge of the brand.

Next, you can refer to the competitor's listing and review, refine the buyer's concerns, as well as the shortcomings of the product, and further edit the copy to highlight the selling points and advantages of the product.

Analysis of competitors' listings

Usually, the competitors' listings can be analyzed mainly around the following aspects.

①The content of the product
You can choose from the sales of better than their own sellers, in the product content to find the highlights, and modify the use of their own listing. Some suggestions for newbie friends: more production tests and compare the content of competitors' products, many times there are worthy of our learning.

②The number of product reviews
Use the number of reviews of competitors' products to determine the time of each other's listings, and estimate the time needed for your own listing to become like your competitors, and then make a single, increased review of sales programs.

③ Product good/ bad reviews
Product praise and bad reviews must be seen, you can take some of the buyer's praise and bad reviews, select some of the content of the record, and improve on their own products, to help improve customer experience.

④ Product ranking and sales changes
Monitor and observe the daily ranking and sales trends of competitors' listings, which can effectively help you to do a good job in the later planning on stocking. Another important point we must pay attention to, for the sales of a good listing, do not modify it, otherwise, it will affect the weight and ranking of the product, for the new or lagging listing needs to do a good job of optimization.

Optimization listing you must have your own set of methods. You can browse more other sellers listing, digging deeper into the details, and when combined with the characteristics of their own products, stand in the perspective of consumers to optimize listing believe that you create listing will not be bad, your product sales will also be gradually Improve!

Five general recommendations

1. The product features that solve the rigid needs of customers are written in the first point to amplify their advantages.

2. Clear and coherent text description, no grammatical errors, to ensure readability; text characters appropriate, not dragging, concise and powerful.

3. Precise refinement of selling points, initial capitalization and insertion of special emoji characters to increase interest.

4. Eliminate customer purchase doubts, provide after-sales guarantee service reference competitors top5-10 five points, reasonable layout of keywords.

5. Refer to these few free but super practical copywriting sites. They provide tips for sellers to write marketing content.

Here're 2 copywriting sites recommended:

1、The Copywriter Club Podcast

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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The Copywriter Club Podcast is run by Rob Marsh and Kira Hug. It's a group of copywriting bloggers who will cover the details of product listing launches and the process of converting copy into the marketing content.

2、Marketing Over Coffee

Through this copywriting method, you can also make a high converting Amazon Listing
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Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast that covers classic and trendy marketing elements to create compelling copy. The site's two bloggers run two shows in the morning, each about 20 minutes long. The shows focus on marketing tips and tricks, and the content can be considered very high quality.

In short, copywriting is actually only a part of marketing, to improve the conversion rate, but also from the entire Consumer Journey cut to start to optimize. In order to sell products, you have to look at the whole Marketing perspective.

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