Make sure your store appears professional and trustworthy before you invest money in ads!

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As we all know, a reliable, professional-looking store has a considerably better chance of converting visitors into customers.

Take a look at some of the most typical types of comments that professionals give to store owners. You can, of course, start your own thread to request comments tailored to your business once you've had a chance to apply these recommendations to your store.

Grammar and Spelling

Although it may seem obvious, your store's spelling and punctuation should be near-perfect if you want to present yourself as a professional enterprise. If this isn't your strong suit, enlist the help of friends or family members to proofread your work.

A Professionally Created Logo

In the logo space in the header, we find a lot of retailers with typical text. A excellent logo will aid in the definition of your brand. You can hire a graphic designer if your budget permits it. On our Shopify Experts Marketplace, there are a lot of them. You might also hold a design contest on 99Designs to give yourself more possibilities. Hiring someone to do it for you is a more cost-effective choice.

Links and Menus

If you're selling a lot of items, make sure they're organized into Collections so they're easy to find. You can then use them to link to your menus in your Navigation and display them as a Featured Collection or as part of a Collection List on your homepage. The ability to accomplish this is built into most themes' theme editors. Dropdown menus can aid in the organization of your navigation.

Images of Products and Collections

Your product and collection photos should all be the same size in most circumstances. Although it depends on what you're offering, square photos are usually the best.
Images for your products and collections can be any size up to 4472 x 4472 pixels (20 megapixels). To be added to Shopify, they must have a file size of less than 20 MB.
To your customers, high-resolution photographs appear more polished and professional. 2048 x 2048 px is usually the ideal size for square product photos.

Shopify has an image editor built in, or you may use this guide to learn how to edit photos on a Mac or this one to learn how to edit images on a PC.

POW (Product On White) Photography is a great option if you're selling your own products and want to arrange professional product shots. I've used them before, and it was a simple and cost-effective process. There is also a free trial available.

Images for the Slider

Images for the slideshow are optional. Many stores utilize them to promote product lifestyle photos, offer promotions, or provide supplementary information. Out of the Sandbox, one of our third-party theme developers, produced an excellent blog post called 12 Ways to Use the Slideshow Section in Your Shopify Theme.

As with product images, it's important your slider images are all the same size so that they flow well. Alternatively, you can just use one static image. Landscape orientation is best. Use high-resolution images. The ideal size varies, depending on the theme you are using. For Brooklyn, it's recommended to use images that are 3840 x 2160 px or larger, without exceeding Shopify's upload limits. If you're using a different theme, head over to the Shopify Theme Store to find the documentation for your theme:

Make sure your store appears professional and trustworthy before you invest money in ads!
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If you need photographs for your store but don't want to hire a photographer to create them when you're first starting out, royalty-free images are an option. Burst, Shopify's own stock photo website, is worth a look. In our blog post 22 Amazing Websites with Stunning Free Stock Images, you'll find plenty of different possibilities as well as some fantastic inspiration.

Contact Us Page

It's critical to create trust with your consumers by providing a quick response to their questions. This will offer them confidence that if they have a problem with their order, you will respond immediately. The more contact alternatives you can offer, the more trustworthy your company will appear. Here are a few possibilities to think about:

  • A page with frequently asked questions (FAQs). This is an excellent tool for anticipating questions and reducing the need for your consumers to contact you. They'll probably want to know about your return policy, shipping information (where do your products ship from, how long will it take, where do you ship to, how much will it cost? ), sizing information (if applicable), and other details. As your business grows and you become more familiar with the questions your clients ask, you can expand your FAQ.
  • A phone number is provided. Many small businesses dislike including this, but because many consumers still want to communicate in this manner, it's worth considering. You might be able to purchase a low business-only cell phone plan or register for an internet phone number that redirects. When selling high-value items, a phone number becomes even more vital.
  • A physical address as well as a mailing address. This one is non-negotiable in my opinion. Customers are curious as to where your company is located. Your store appears to be anonymous since it lacks an address. Customers will also be more confident in their ability to return products if it is evident where they can do so if something goes wrong. If you don't want to use your home address, you can rent a UPS suite address, rent a PO Box, or use an online service like Anytime Mailbox.
  • Social media is a term that refers to the use of You don't have to be present on every social media network, but you should be present where your clients are. Two platforms are an excellent place to start when you're just getting started. Because 79 percent of internet people utilize Facebook, most businesses should have a presence there. Twitter is a fantastic tool for establishing a brand community. Instagram is crucial for visual items, while YouTube is ideal for demonstration and unpacking videos, despite being the most time-consuming to put up. Instead of using more traditional ways of communication, many clients will now go straight to Social Media to contact a business. To assist establish your brand, make sure you answer to every comments and communicate with your followers. Check out Shopify Academy's free courses, which include Instagram marketing and Facebook ads. To encourage people to follow you on social media, including links in your footer. Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme Settings > Social Media to accomplish this.
  • Email. Bots will frequently scan websites for email addresses to spam businesses, so never publish your actual email address on your store. You can instead use an email form. This will make your company appear more professional, and it will make the process easier for your consumers because they won't have to open their email account to contact you.
  • Shopify Chat. This is a simple, free, and quick way for your consumers to contact you. You may even use it to upsell other products and give the buying experience a truly personal touch.
Make sure your store appears professional and trustworthy before you invest money in ads!
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It's more likely to turn consumers off if you use a countdown timer in addition to false sales flashing up in the corner. It will be more beneficial to use a subtle approach.


In your store, just one popup should be used. Any more than that, and your customers will become irritated. Your popup should be an important part of your website. It can be used to entice visitors to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media. It's worth including a perk, such as a coupon code or a guarantee that email subscribers will be the first to know about special discounts, product debuts, and other news. You might also enter them in a drawing for a product or a gift card.

Some people prefer to have a popup appear shortly after a visitor enters their website. This strategy does not appeal to me as a shopper. When a popup interrupts my surfing experience, I'm more likely to become frustrated and abandon the site. I don't mind if the exit popup appears when I'm leaving. I'm more inclined to reply to the call to action if I loved reading the site and want to be kept informed and reminded about the business. Poptin and Coupon Pop are two solid solutions for making useful popups.

About Us Page

Your About Us page is a great place to tell your customer about your company's history, vision, mission, and what makes you unique. It can be used to emphasize your company's main selling elements.

Your Blog

Your store's blog is a great opportunity to add value beyond your product. Use it to drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO. Your store's blog is an excellent way to provide value in addition to your products. It can be used to increase visitors to your website and improve your SEO.


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