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The last year has been a period of increasing registrations on Amazon Seller Central. The reason is not only the Amazon brand popularity around the world. 

The website has become more attractive due to its ease of use. Moreover, the dashboard is more flexible. The advanced interface gives users the advantage of simplifying transaction procedures. 

It is worth mentioning, those who are just about to become Amazon customers will have to go through training. That applies to people who are not IT-savvy and work with online programs with the help of virtual assistants.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is an innovative tool for business on Amazon. To be more precise, this is a dashboard for managing processes. From here you’ll manage your inventory, advertising, orders, reports, performance, and more. It’s really the heartbeat of your operation and helps you connect your business to the buyer.

The home pages of Amazon Seller Central, Seller Central, and Vendor Central can be confusing. However, it is worth noting that the latter allows direct sales to Amazon.

Amazon Seller Dashboard is more accessible than it might seem

The very first time I looked at the sales dashboard of my Amazon Seller Central account, I was a bit stunned. It looked like the controls on the jets because of too many buttons. I had to find out their purpose. 

New Amazon Vendor Central users have similar mixed feelings. All in all, getting used to the Amazon Seller Center was like an adventure. The mention of the Amazon sales dashboard makes me panic. Maybe the problem is that I am not into analytics. That is why dashboards, analytics, charts, and graphs made me nervous at times. 

I do not want the same thing to happen to you. Furthermore, you should not have to refuse Seller Central tools just because they may look complicated at first.

Seller central Amazon was created for sellers and gives helpful things to help us monitor and track Amazon business. Therefore, it is essential to know how to navigate the Amazon seller central dashboard.

Fortunately, once you look at the individual buttons in the dashboard and not the dashboard as a whole, you realize the Sellers central is user-friendly. The more you discover how to navigate the backend of your Seller Central account, the more knowledge you get for improving business.

In this Amazon seller central tutorial, I will make the Amazon seller dashboards as easy as possible. This guide highlights aspects of selling just one product. You can use this for Amazon Seller Central USA and Amazon Seller Central Europe, as they are almost the same. 

Amazon seller central account setup for using

How to use Amazon seller central guidelines provide deep insights and understanding of how the platform works. First, you need to register on Amazon. Once you are ready, follow the steps below for Amazon seller account sign up:

Step 1: For Amazon seller central sign-in, you need to visit: services.amazon.com.
Step 2: Click "Sell on Amazon" or "Selling on Amazon" box.
Step 3: Visit: sellercentral.Amazon.com.
Step 4: Click “Selling on Amazon” on the bottom left side of the screen.
Step 5: Click the “Sell” button found on your home page.

After the steps above, you can now open an Amazon seller account. If you are not automatically logged in, provide the required details for the Amazon seller account login. If you face some difficulties, ask for assistance from Amazon seller central help.

So, now you should decide what kind of seller you are. You can choose an individual plan seller or a professional one. If you deal with a small product supply, you are fit to be an individual seller. However, if you release a product listing line, a professional seller is right for you.

Again, this Amazon seller tutorial will only focus on individual sellers with Amazon central accounts.

Important Tip. Users need to keep track of what they plan to sell. Some of the categories have limitations. In this case, the site requires additional referral fees or adding product testing certificates. If a merchant gets approval, then the opportunity to add a product is open.

Now that you have your own Seller Center account look at the dashboard. Here are some things that you should learn.

Navigating the sales dashboard on Seller Central

Finding your Sales Dashboard

The first thing you will want to do is to log into your Seller Central. Go down to the Sales Summary located on the right-hand side of the page. Click on “View more of your sales statistics”.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Learning the Most Important Features of your Sales Dashboard Homepage

When the sales dashboard is opened, you will see the three key features located on the page:

  • Menu Bar
    Notice the menu bar on the left side of the page. Remember that you are able to view all of the sales stats under the Business Reports category on the menu bar.
What is Amazon Seller Central?
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  • Sales Reports
    Next, you will see that you are given a quick sales snapshot right in front of you. This is the place where you can view your sales for the day, how much revenue you have coming in, and how many units have been sold.
What is Amazon Seller Central?
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  • Compare Sales Graph
    You will also be given a Compare Sales graph just below the Sales Snapshot. This graph allows you to compare your sales from today with sales from other days. If you notice that your sales were slow on a particular day, you can check if the sales were just as slow last year or last week.
What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Managing your Orders

On the top left-hand menu of Amazon sellers central, you will see “Your Orders.” The information there will give you a summary of all pending and completed orders. Use it as a quick reference to how much you are selling on Amazon. Among the information presented in this area are: 

  • the number of orders on the last day;
  • the number of orders in the previous week ;
  • pending orders;
  • unshipped orders;
  • and return requests.
What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Evaluating your Performance

Managing your Sellercentral account does not begin or end at selling your product on Amazon. There are many things to consider, and one of the most important things you should focus on is your position on the Amazon site. How satisfied are the Amazon customers with your products to sell and services?

Below the “Your Orders,” you will see the “Performance” tab. Here, you can see your average star feedback rating. If you have selling on Amazon FBA (fulfillment centers by Amazon), you might want to check the negative reviews.

Amazon is famous for its world-class fulfillment system. However, if they have shortcomings in their customer service and somebody gives you a negative review for it, you can ask Amazon to remove that from your account.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Checking Customer Messages

Communication is important for any type of business platform. For this reason, Seller Central US provides a messaging system for buyers and sellers to communicate. In the bottom left corner of the menu, you will see your customers messages.

Knowing your Sales Performance

Upon starting selling on Amazon store, you need to keep track of your earnings carefully. Luckily, Amazon Seller Central USA is more than capable of keeping all information already stored and will be stored securely. Thus, you’ll have access to the sales data that you might need in creating business reports.

The menu on the left-hand side allows you access to many different sales statistics. You may feel a bit overwhelmed when you first try to view the difference between the collections of report options, but it is not as complicated as it seems.

This menu allows you to have your statistics arranged in three ways: By ASIN, By Date, and Other. If there is only one product, we will focus on the “By Date” area.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Under the “By Date” there are three report choices that all give statistics arranged in columns. For example, if you click on the “Detail Page Sales and Traffic”, you will be offered this information:

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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The information offered in this report emphasizes your traffic and sales. On these report pages, you can choose the data you want to view. By hovering your mouse over the screen on the right side, a Columns customization box will be shown.
Now you can uncheck or check the columns you want to view; your report will be updated automatically.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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The preset option at the top of “Page Views” is set to show the data for the past 30 days. You can change the graph to show different periods of time.

Adding or Removing Data to your Graphs

To add statistics to your graph, click on the header and choose “Add to Graph.”

To remove an item from your graph, click the “X” near the name at the chart top.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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If you are not sure what something means in a column, just click on the header and select “What’s this?”

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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It is possible to add several columns to the graph; each column will have a different color.

Changing Date Ranges

The columns will automatically display the stats for the past 30 days. To make changes to your chart or stats, there will be four options.

You can select the “View” tabs at the top of the data table. This is where you can select to view the stats and data by month, by a week or by day. When there is a selection made the report will be updated automatically.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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You can also change the range of dates by clicking on “Zoom” tabs. These tabs are located near the right side at the top of the table.

This is where you can customize your data by 7D, 1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y, or 2Y. The graph will be updated when you make your selection.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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You can customize a specific range of dates by selecting the “From” and “To” selections. When you choose these options, a calendar will appear.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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By customizing your graph to begin including specifics of data and date ranges, you are able to get a good idea of your seller feedback, sales, traffic, and more.

Downloading your information

If you would like to view your statistics and graphs for Amazonsellercentral while not on the dashboard, download them. Click on the “Download” button and choose “CSV.” Then you get it instantly.

What is Amazon Seller Central?
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Your Amazon Seller Account can be a significant source of tools to help you expand both your business and sales. Valuable information about your business is a need, and your Seller Central USA Account suggests many insights.

You no longer look at the dashboard and get confused. Instead, you have mastered it, and that is quite an accomplishment.

This brief tutorial will help you on your way to becoming a top seller on Amazon. While others are only going to make sales, you educated yourself for the good of your business.


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