What is a Buy Box on Amazon? How the Buy Box works?

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What is Amazon Buy Box?

Buy Box in Amazon is the golden shopping cart that every merchant wants to seize. It is located at the top right of a single product page and is the most convenient purchase position that buyers see when shopping. As soon as the buyer clicks Add to Cart, the page will automatically jump to the seller's store that has this Buy Box.

What is a Buy Box on Amazon? How the Buy Box works?
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Amazon will choose one seller to occupy this Buy Box position in each product listing, and this selected seller's favorite can enjoy a steady stream of orders and attention. Simple, grab Buy Box is to grab orders.

How important is Buy Box?

1. Buy Box provides a unique opportunity for sellers selling online. Therefore, familiarity with the operation of Buy Box is crucial for sellers to develop a potentially huge market.

2. According to statistics, 82% of all Amazon transactions are done through Buy Box, which means that sellers with Buy Box have a much higher chance of selling their products than other sellers. For sellers, how to get Buy Box to increase store sales is crucial.

What are the requirements to get Buy Box?

  1. To get Buy Box, you must be a professional seller.

Many users who downgrade to individual sellers in order to save money are unable to get the Buy Box.

2. The product must be new, and at the same time, the price should be competitive.

Many small sellers change their product status to used products in order to follow the sale of other products with good sales, which is impossible to get the Buy Box. Secondly, if the price of the product is high, it is also at a disadvantage when competing for the Buy Box.

  1. The product must be in stock.

As the Buy Box may bring huge sales to the product, if the inventory is insufficient, the direct result of getting the shopping cart is that your inventory is instantly cleared, and this will directly lead to a rapid decline in the user's shopping experience, so Amazon's inherent rule is that it will not give the Buy Box to a seller with little inventory.

4. Amazon's assessment requirements for Buy Box are related to whether the seller's account performance is qualified.

At present, the Buy Box requires that the seller's Amazon account must operate for at least two months, have a certain sales record, and have a high seller rating, as well as a comprehensive determination of the seller's account performance from information such as delivery method, shipping time, order defect rate, buyer's evaluation score and quantity, and seller's feedback time.

  1. Must be a featured seller.

Featured sellers refer to excellent sellers whose account metrics and services meet Amazon's requirements.

6. The return rate or cancellation rate must be less than 1%, sales time to 2-6 months.

How to get Buy Box?

1. The early stage of account development accelerates good product sales.

In the early stage of account development, small sellers should first choose a professional seller, and intentionally lay a good foundation, buried in good sales. Only sellers have sales data, Amazon platform to score you according to your situation, slowly you have accumulated some valuable information on the Amazon platform. At the same time, sellers can also increase the exposure of their own products through various ways, such as selling hot products at a lower rate to increase sales.

2. To ensure the quality of the product, the intention is to improve the assessment indicators.

In addition to sales, small sellers should also pay full attention to the various account assessment indicators. In terms of order defect rate, sellers should ensure the quality of the product at the same time, early response to buyers' emails, and actively go to improve the buyer's user experience, and try to improve the buyer's positive feedback and evaluation number. In terms of logistics, small sellers should use more FBA shipping, which ensures the efficiency of logistics but also helps to improve the security and reliability of the seller's account score, and the use of FBA shipping exposure and transaction rate are generally better than local shipping abroad or domestic shipping.

3. Play the price advantage, clever use of optimization tools.

Generally speaking, the price has a very important influence in the competition for the right to belong to the Buy Box, especially in the low-end goods, the price and the Buy Box will be very close, so how to play the price advantage, you can cleverly use optimization tools.

How to increase the chances of getting Buy Box

  1. Use FBA shipping.

2. Shipping time in 1~3 days.

3. Improve Seller Rating index.

4. Order Defect Rate (ODR) <1%.

5. Shipment delay rate <4%.

6. Pre-shipment cancellation rate <2.5%.

7. Improve customer satisfaction with an average product rating of 4 stars or more.

The importance of the indicators, from high to low, can be classified as:

High: shipping method FBA.

Second: delivery time, seller performance, final price.

Once again: order missing rate, response time, shipment delay rate, customer satisfaction index.

The second most important: number of sales, inventory, pre-shipment cancellation rate.


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