How to estimate the sales of Amazon products?

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In the process of product search, it is necessary to make decision-making assistance for oneself through the evaluation of sales volume, but how do we judge the sales volume of a product?

Generally speaking, the following four aspects can be combined:

Add shopping cart

Add your own listing to the shopping cart, and then set the order quantity to the maximum quantity of 999. If the other party’s inventory quantity is less than 999, it will prompt you how much is available for sale (as shown in the figure below), so you know the listing What is the current inventory quantity. Repeat the above actions the next day, and average the recorded data for one or two consecutive weeks, and you will probably know the daily average sales volume of the listing. Then, according to your own operational goals, think about whether such sales meet your expectations. If it meets your expectations, it can be initially selected as the object of selection.

Of course, this method has drawbacks after all. Once the object you are concerned about has set the Max Order Quantity, this test method will fail.

How to estimate the sales of Amazon products?
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shopping cart

According to the number of product reviews

Sellers who have experience in Amazon operations know that it is really difficult to get customers to leave reviews. You have worked so hard, but customers are indifferent. The reason lies in the characteristics of the platform. Consumers have not been trained to leave reviews. Habit.

For most of the products, it may not be possible to receive a review for 100 real sales. Some sellers even complained that they have sold 2700 of a certain product, but did not receive a review. The true retention rate is basically the same for most sellers, but considering that some sellers will scan some comments, we can reduce the ratio a bit. Assuming that 80 orders have a comment when investigating a product, You only need to count the number of reviews of the listing to initially assess the sales of the listing.

However, since the statistics and display of the Review started from the listing of the listing, the data three years ago did not have much reference for current operations. What should we do? When we count the review data, we might as well use the most recent three months or half a year as the time node, and only count the data within this period of time. With such statistics, the data becomes a reflection of the current sales situation and is closer to the truth.

How to estimate the sales of Amazon products?
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product reviews

According to the number of store Feedback

If there are many sellers who need to review the Review because of operations, then only a few sellers will review Feedback. Because the number of feedbacks is good or bad and the amount of help to the operation is very small, and it can even be said that it does not affect the progress of the operation at all, so few sellers will brush the feedback, which means that the number of feedbacks is closer to the real data.

Based on experience, if the sales volume of a store in the United States is basically stable, then the number of 30-day feedback in the store is 4-5 times, which is equivalent to the number of orders for the store in one day. For example, the number of 30-day feedback in the store is shown in the figure below. It is 126, multiplied by 5, the number of orders for this shop is about 600 per day.

How to estimate the sales of Amazon products?
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After knowing the total order quantity of the store, enter the store to check, because the products in the store are sorted according to the sales volume by default. Check the position of the listing you are evaluating in the store, and then cooperate with the evaluation based on the review quantity. You can roughly estimate the sales of the listing.

With the help of third-party tools

Then there are many third-party tools that basically accurately calculate the sales of a listing through the principle of crawlers. For example, the AMZsount plug-in can easily know the sales of the listing in the last 30 days when opening any ASIN page. Of course, there are more other tools, and sellers who need it can also use Woospy to find a tool suitable for their use.


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