What is the perfect listing?

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Product title

Most categories of product titles can add up to 250 characters, and some categories have different limits on the length of product titles. But in any case, make good use of the number of characters you have.

Tips for writing hit titles:

(1) Although Amazon has its own algorithm, remember that the title you write is for consumers to see. And Amazon's algorithm is based on people's needs, so make sure that when people see your product title, they want to click on it to learn more.

What is the perfect listing?
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(2) Add some extra value to the title, such as showing the advantages of the product or some key factors that are different from others.

(3) Add relevant target keywords in the title. Keywords have a great influence on search rankings, so consider them carefully.

Product picture

What is the perfect listing?
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Each listing can upload up to 9 pictures (including the main picture). Make sure you upload 9 pictures at first.

People are increasingly inclined to visual perception, and product images directly affect consumers' first impression of products, so good product images are crucial.

If you don’t know how to create so many "perfect" pictures for your product, you can refer to the following points:

(1) The width of the picture is greater than or equal to 1000 pixels, and the height is not less than 500 pixels. In this way, even if the picture is zoomed in, its visual effect will not be affected.

(2) Hire professional photographers or purchase professional photographic equipment to ensure the high resolution of the image.

(3) Use a pure white background to keep customers' attention on the product.

(4) Show your products from different angles, you can focus on showing product details.

(5) Pictures showing the product packaging, size, and size are necessary.

(6) Taking some product photos will help customers to have a visual simulation experience.

(7) Use infographics to show the main functions of the product, refund guarantee, 100% satisfaction, etc.

According to the above points, it is not a problem to uplad 9 product photos. In addition, the seller should pay attention to making your pictures creative.

What is the perfect listing?
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The main functions and features of the product

You can add the main points that failed to be included in the title to this section. It is recommended to add 5 or more product functions and features (limited to 1000 characters).


(1) Put yourself in the customer's perspective and think about what customers want to know; why they should buy your product, and what the advantages are of your product. You need to pay attention to reflect the value of the product.

(2) Put the most important functions at the top of the list so that consumers can see them at a glance.

(3) Add answers to frequently asked questions of customers to this section, and modify them as customer questions change.

(4) Show all the guarantees you provide to customers (such as the Amazon A-Z guarantee).

(5) Let your customers know what material the product is made of, the benefits of using this material, and the problems that can be solved.

What is the perfect listing?
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Product description

In this section, you have 2000 characters to describe the product, make sure to use all the character space. You can elaborate on all the product features mentioned above, the product's distinctiveness, etc.

Any web content must ensure that the text is simple and easy to read, and product descriptions are no exception. Here are some suggestions:

(1) The sentence should not be too long, so keep it between 15-25 words.

(2) Mainly discuss the function of the product and the benefits that customers will get, and then discuss the product itself, to make customers believe that your product is what they need.

(3) Oral language makes customers feel more reliable than rigid written language.

(4) You can use target keywords, but don’t fill in blindly, it will make the content difficult to understand.

(5) Try to tell product stories to your customers, instead of regid promotion.

Product reviews

Product reviews are important not only because they occupy a significant proportion in Amazon's algorithm, but also because product reviews are the most powerful evidence to prove products to your potential customers and give potential customers confidence in buying products.

Although Amazon prohibits sellers from getting incentive reviews, you can still get high qualty reviews by providing customers with a good customer experience.

Use software that automatically sends emails to customers, encourage them to give feedback on your products, and post product reviews.

In addition, the most important thing is to ensure product quality, conduct more product sample reviews, and invest in product quality management, which will help to leave a good impression on customers and get more positive reviews.

What is the perfect listing?
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Product rating

Obtaining product reviews is very important, and it has a great role in promoting the improvement of product ratings.

If your rating is 4 or 5 stars, you are doing a good job. But if your product rating is relatively low, you need to take action:

(1) Analyze the negative reviews obtained, understand the deficiencies of the product, and repair the deficiencies.

(2) Collect customer opinions and understand customer thoughts by sending e-mails, and strive to solve problems before customers leave negative reviews on the product page.

(3) Accumulate reviews and strive to get enough praise to balance and improve your overall rating.

To run an e-commerce business, you need to have a strong enough heart, because negative reviews may appear at any time and cannot be avoided. As a seller, try your best to provide your customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices.


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