Brand story: See how to earn $15,000/month on the map business

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Today, Rogers will introduce to you a business that can absolutely inspire your imagination. In fact, the opportunity to make money is always by your side. It just depends on whether you can find it.

This is a real case, and I hope everyone can learn by analogy to find their own business opportunities.

The person sharing this entrepreneurial idea is Scott Wood, from the UK. He originally ran a map printing company in Edinburgh, and his main source of income was the sale of printed city maps.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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Scott Wood

However, these days, it gets difficult to support the operation of the factory by relying solely on offline business. At the end of 2018, the factory had only a few hundred pounds in revenue per month.

In December 2020, the monthly income has exceeded 30,000 pounds, and Scott Wood has hardly done any paid promotion, so how did he do it?

Although Scott Wood runs a printing factory, he is very obsessed with art, so he considers, why can't a map become a work of art?

With this in mind, he went to several design-led gift shops in Edinburgh, and talked about his ideas- using art prints made with maps. Unexpectedly, he immediately received 8 orders. This validated Scott Wood's idea.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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Scott Wood's map-based art print

After the idea was proved, the offline gift shop was obviously unable to satisfy, so Scott Wood immediately registered the Etsy store, and then designed several samples to upload to his Etsy online store. Won the favor of customers from all over the world. There are thousands of purchase and customization consultations almost every day, and Scott Wood uploads new products every day to meet customer needs.

The operating cost of the online shop is very low. Basically, a computer is enough, but it has brought hundreds of times the revenue of operating a factory before. Then he opened his own Shopify store, and the store immediately became profitable.

With this idea, Scott Wood is now the largest map printing company in the UK.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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Of course, these sales are still far from enough. So how can we attract more buyers?

After earning some income, Scott Wood immediately returned 30% of the income to the promotion of the online store. In this way, monthly sales will have a steady growth. Growth will bring more profits. More profits mean more marketing investment. This method can effectively make your business enter a positive cycle.

Paid marketing methods include Etsy keyword placement and Google Shopping ads. Don't forget to place Etsy stores on Google Adwords.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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In addition, Scott Wood also optimized the eCom shop for SEO, and many keywords were listed on the homepage of Google search in the UK. And the growth of paid traffic also brings more free traffic to his eCom shops.

In addition, discounts and coupons can be carried out on some websites, which is more conducive to search engine optimization and can also bring many orders.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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Another indispensable sales channel is Instagram. Scott Wood uploaded pictures of their products. Although they still can't bring considerable sales, it is indeed a powerful free publicity channel, and the number of followers is increasing every day.

We all want to make money and do great things, but unless you really like what you do, I think it's hard for you to invest all of it. Because if you want to succeed, you need to give a lot of motivation and continue to promote the growth of your career.

—-Scott Wood

Regarding the next development direction, Scott Wood said that Amazon will be their next market. This may be a challenge, but Amazon is currently the world's largest e-commerce consumer market. Anyone who does e-commerce should not give up these users easily.

At present, 50% of overall revenue comes from online e-commerce platforms: 30% from eCom shops sites, 10% from social media, and 10% from offline gift shops. After joining Amazon in the future, the share from online e-commerce platforms may be even greater.

In 2021, sales in the first quarter of this year have increased by about 2-3 times. This is related to the current lockdown of Covid19. I don't know how online consumption will develop after the epidemic. Sales may be better, or they may fall.

But there is no doubt that this business method has achieved subversive success compared with the previous method, and Scott Wood will expand the business scope of this art print in the future.

Brand story: See how to earn ,000/month on the map business
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