Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!

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Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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I believe many sellers have heard of this drama that has recently exploded in many countries. It tells a story that 456 debt-ridden people from all walks of life participate in six life-and-death escape games for a 45.6 billion won prize.

Since its launch in September, the Netflix self-produced drama "Squid Game" has shot to the top of the hit list in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. The topics related to "Squid Game" on TikTok have accumulated 7.81 billion plays, and TikTok has accumulated 3.7 billion. The web series has brought a very high traffic conversion rate, and the search volume of "squid game" keywords on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms has soared, and the sales of peripheral products are high all over the Internet.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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Many keen sellers have firmly grasped the IP fever and quickly derived the same products and peripherals and made a lot of money in a short period of time.

First, "Squid Game" exploded worldwide and became the bestselling goods.

I found, on the Amazon platform as long as you enter "Squid Game", there will be countless products about the show's clothes, sugar cookies, wooden alarm clock and other products.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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Previously, categories such as masks and costumes also shot up to #1 and #2 in Amazon's small categories even without reviews.

Global searches for tracksuits and white sneakers similar to those worn by the show's contestants soared 97% and 145%, respectively, and a few days after the series premiered, and searches for red overalls similar to those worn by the guards in this show rose 35%.

Due to the supply chain crisis, many consumers did not receive the costumes soon enough, so the tutorials on how to make the "Squid Game" costume were also popular on TikTok and Youtube.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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According to the Korean e-commerce platform auction, the sales of sports suits increased by 860% within a week of the broadcast of "Squid Game" compared to the same period of the previous month, and the sales of suits shaped like the sportswear worn by the participants of "Squid Game" also increased by 188%.

Second, is chasing a hot IP honey or poison?

When I searched a lot of products related to "Squid Game" on Amazon, I found that there were common features among them.

▶ These products are the props in the "Squid Game", still can become Bestsellers without any comments.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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▶ Almost all of the sellers of these products are overseas sellers, and the shipping mode is all FBM.

▶ The stores selling "Squid Game" peripheral products such as wooden girl alarm clocks, ponzu molds, helmets, masks, and Squid Game costumes are all new stores or small stores.

From the above points, we can see:

▶ The explosion of peripheral products on Amazon driven by the Squid Game.

▶ Squid Game peripheral products on Amazon are temporary shelves, 100% self-shipped, which may cause serious after-sales problems.

▶ Stores that do these products are new stores or small stores, indicating that these sellers are also afraid of the store closure and just want to make a quick buck.

"Hot IP = Rights" may also be a predictable thing for sellers, especially for film and TV.

In recent social media, a seller posted a "Squid Game" related topic on the forum, which drew a lot of sellers to a lively discussion.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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Some sellers analyzed that there is traffic means there is money to be made. For small and medium-sized sellers and factories is indeed a wave of opportunities to make money:

▶ Traffic overlay: Halloween preheating + the horror plot of the Squid Game itself.

▶ The probability that big sellers will not do it, instead of small and medium sellers are more willing to do peripheral products.

▶ Everyone is on the unified starting line, so it depends on sellers' sense torwards market and reaction speed.

▶ Because of risk of infringement + the short-lived effect of IP traffic, sellers need to do a good job of risk control.

Some sellers also confess that:

-- This act only can help make quick money, because the risk is too high. Doing this kind of products need to have some certain preparation.

-- Anyone who has long-term intention should avoid selling this kind of product.

-- These products are highly likely to be sued for infringing.

Follow the hot IP to sell products in the e-commerce field is not a rare thing, as early as before many sellers were able to keenly capture the traffic heat of popular films and television dramas and launch some derivative peripheral products. "Game of Thrones", "The Fast and the Furious", "Frozen", "Beauty and the Beast", and other popular IP movies and TV shows have once become the sellers' high-profit products.

But for most sellers, "Following the hot IP to sell products", this behavior is both an opportunity and challenge. Everyone who want a piece of cake turns out to have fallen into the trap of infringement. Although the pop IP is very profitable, the risk it bears is also obvious.

As expected, recently, some sellers said they received a copyright complaint from the "Squid Game".

According to the seller's emails, some of the seller's products are suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, and related goods have been forced off the shelves by Amazon.

Individual sellers have even received hundreds of infringement warnings, and the losses behind them can be imagined. In addition to Netflix itself, Netflix has also commissioned a third-party company BrandSheild to carry out bulk infringement complaints. Many sellers have been affected by the ripple effect, and ultimately it is difficult to escape the sad fate of the listing turning into a dog.

Unstoppable! The Squid Game has stormed to first place in the Amazon category!
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Finally, I would like to say that there are countless successful enterprises, and the successful ones have a similar thing. That is to do a good job on their own products and create a brand image that is deeply rooted in people's hearts. If you want to rely on the brand to create value and create a premium you have to develop your own products to meet the needs of users.

Hot IP is not only honey but also poison. If sellers do not pay attention to infringement issues and blindly chase hot IP when selecting products, they will step on the minefield of infringement complaints. When the product was taken off the shelves, it would be too late to regret it!


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