After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok

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In just a few years since its initial launch, TikTok has become one of the most popular social platforms in the world.

Although TikTok itself has huge traffic, many brands still have a long way to go in the social media marketing layout of the platform. In order to help more brands do TikTok marketing, this report studied more than 300 brands and nearly 650 TikTok brand marketing videos with high traffic and analyzed the marketing plans of companies including Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and Chevrolet on TikTok. Based on the results, we sorted out the marketing programs that were effective for sellers. Including: which big brands have used TikTok for marketing; how often these brands post on TikTok; the channel and video level indicators of these big brands on TikTok; the style and content of TikTok videos with good marketing effects.

The 15 important data sets include:

  • 50% of the top brands (including Google, Facebook, YouTube and IKEA, including brands with a volume of more than one billion U.S. dollars) have not yet established an official account on TikTok;
  • The TikTok account update frequency of the brand with the best data performance is 3.52 times/week;
  • If the number of fans increases by 1%, the average number of views per video will increase by 0.65%;
  • 80% of the videos with good data have a soundtrack. As far as it seems, light and cheerful songs are more popular;
  • The average number of views of a single video of technology, food and game brands is the highest;
  • Among the brands studied in this article, So Satisfying, Samsung, TikTok, Chevrolet and Flighthouse are the five brands with the highest average views of a single video;
  • Among the top 10 videos played, 5 were created by TikTok;
  • Among the brand marketing videos studied in this article, 90% of the videos have product placements, and 30% of the videos use humorous methods to implement advertising placements;
  • Within the scope of statistics, about 25% of the videos have celebrities, celebrities or Internet celebrities' participation;
  • The video of promoting brand activities attracted nearly 20 million views;
  • Creative videos with animations and pictures can often attract more than 11 million views;
  • The average length of the video description copy is 87 characters (the upper limit is 150);
  • The video description has an average of 3.26 tags;
  • 87.3% of videos contain at least one tag;
  • An average of 12 user participations per 100 views (user participation includes user behaviors such as likes, comments, and sharing).

About 50% of the big brands did not use TikTok for marketing (or open an official account)

Among the 317 brands studied in this article, nearly 50% of the brands including Google, Facebook, YouTube, IKEA, Nestlé, Audi, Toyota, etc. either do not have a TikTok account, or the number of posts and videos in the account is zero:

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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TikTok Presence

In fact, (TikTok marketing) is a fairly large blank market. The sooner the TikTok matrix is established, the more it can bring a huge marketing advantage to the brand, and it may even allow sellers to achieve "curving overtaking".

Marketing inspiration: Although TikTok's popularity is quite high, there are still many brands that do not have a complete TikTok marketing matrix. Sellers are requested to put TikTok marketing on the agenda as soon as possible.

TikTok Posting Strategy

The data shows that the TikTok update frequency is best maintained at about 3 times per week: brands that use TikTok for marketing and perform well (a good effect is defined as the number of views of each video is more than 10,000 times) is updated on average every week 3.1 times.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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TikTok Posting Strategy

The effect of keeping the frequency updated five times a week is similar to the effect of updating three times, but there are occasional exceptions.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Most brands post less than 5 times per week

For example, Amazon Prime Video on the far right of the picture has a weekly update frequency of more than 40 times, and the average video playback volume has reached 1.32 million times. But the impact of account specificity is also quite large-most of the videos updated by this account are its current or upcoming program clips and previews, and most brands are unlikely to have as much video output as streaming media platforms.

In addition, the only Netflix that can compete with Amazon Prime, the frequency of posting is much lower (8.5 times a week), and the difference in account video effects is also obvious. However, due to the more stable release and an update speed of Amazon Prime Video, although Netflix's TikTok account has accumulated 419 million views, it is far behind the 2.2 billion views of Amazon Prime Video.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Total views by channel

Marketing inspiration: It is best to update the account number three times a week, and ensure that the update rate is more frequent and more stable than competing products.

How many views is a single follower worth?

The number of fans a brand has is highly correlated with the average number of views of the posted video and the user engagement of the video. The more viewers a video has, the more likely it is to be shared, liked, and commented on. In short, if you have more fans, you will be able to carry out "viral" marketing. Therefore, building a large and sticky fan group should be one of the first tasks for sellers to operate an account.

In order to let sellers understand the importance of fans, this article raises a question, namely: How important is it to add a fan? Many sellers may also have seen some brand marketing activities: users need to pay attention to the brand's account in order to carry out the lucky draw. So, if it is for sellers to carry out a similar activity, spend X dollars to get a new TikTok fan. What is the return on investment of this money? Can it be quantified?

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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how many views is a single follower worth?

According to the above figure, every 1% increase in the number of fans will increase the average number of views of the video by 0.65%. Assuming that the seller currently has 100 fans, does a $500 gift marketing, adds 20 fans, (meaning that fans increase by 20%), then the seller's video views will increase by about 13%.

Marketing inspiration: It is recommended that sellers carry out some gift-giving activities to increase fans, which will increase the overall influence of the seller's video account content.

In order to explore which type of brand performs best on TikTok. This article counts the average number of views on their videos for brands within the statistical scope and then finds the average number of different types of industries to which each brand belongs, we can get.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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How popular are different types of brands?

Statistics show that the accounts of technology and IT brands performed the best, with more than 2.3 million views of each video, followed by the food and beverage, gaming and media industries. Of course, this does not mean that sellers’ brands need to be hundreds of millions in size to achieve good results on TikTok. Like other social media platforms, TikTok’s emphasis on creativity ranks ahead of brand size or other influencing factors.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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TOP 10 most popular TikTok Brands

After statistics, it is found that one of the brands with the best marketing effect on TikTok is 'So Satisfying'. The video of this brand can have an average of 1.4 million views. It is good at making the most common daily things very attractive. The theme of the video with 7.6 million views is the shoes that become interesting after scripting and shooting and editing.

Half of the top 10 videos are made by TikTok itself. The videos taken by the platform itself are more meaningful for reference and reference. It is recommended that sellers go to the official TikTok account to see the official videos. At the top of the list of broadcasts, there is also the WHO (World Health Organization), which is one of the examples of non-profit organizations using TikTok to promote environmental protection or health awareness. For example, with the addition of good video editing and other factors, a WHO video on the tobacco industry and the harm of smoking has won more than 54 million views.

Marketing inspiration: Although the industry and category of the brand will affect the number of broadcasts, the creativity and quality of the video are the key to victory.

The data shows that in TikTok, the background sound "achieves" the video to a certain extent

Within the statistical scope of this article (nearly 650 videos), 80% of the videos have been added background music:

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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At this stage, cheerful and relaxing background music is the most popular choice. According to statistics, about 62% of videos use cheerful and relaxing music as background sound, while suspenseful or relaxing background music accounts for less than 10% :

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Adding appropriate background sound can make ordinary video content more meaningful for viewing:

Relying on high-quality video content, non-first-line brands like Aldrich Landscape can also do very well on TikTok.

Marketing inspiration: Video background music is still more important. Among them, the relaxed and cheerful music type brings the best effect of increasing the playback volume. (Depends on the content and theme of the video)

Do popular TikTok videos have certain "formulas"?

Although there is no universal formula for popular videos, this article analyzes the top five videos on TikTok to get the "traffic password" of the video:

The first thing you need to understand is the most popular types of content in branded videos, and how many views this type of video brings.

Data shows that most of the brand marketing videos on TikTok will embed single or multiple products for marketing, accounting for 90%:

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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product placement

Therefore, don't think that embedding products in videos is "hard-broadcasting", after all, this is the meaning of product promotion. Pizza Hut’s previous marketing product video placement on TikTok is a good example: Although the product is directly displayed, it also has more than 64 million video views:

The appearance of celebrities and KOLs is also the mainstream promotion form of TikTok brand marketing. Statistics show that about 25% of marketing videos have celebrities or KOLs appearing. Among them, dance videos and tutorial videos are the top 5 most popular video content, accounting for 15% and 14% respectively. Although only 3.7% of videos contain obvious CTA content, in the eyes of industry insiders, requiring fans to follow the account or the brand’s account in other social media channels is also one of the important conversion channels. It is best for brands not to throw this form away. Behind the head. A video of Xbox with 6.6 million views is a living example-it secretly makes viewers subscribe and download the APP with the tutorial video:

Sometimes, CTA doesn’t have to be that complicated. Simply letting the audience follow the account to get more exciting content in the follow-up is also a good CTA.

All in all, since the audience can watch the video, it proves that they are still more interested in the brand video content. At this time, guiding attention can greatly increase the brand's video conversion rate.

In addition, data research found that there are not many brand marketing videos related to "sex" on TikTok. Among the nearly 650 videos collected in this article, only 6 videos are related to "sex", and 5 of them are videos of Victoria’s secret. Despite the small number of videos, the average number of views of these videos is extraordinary, with an average of 13.4 million views per video. However, what attracts consumers the most are the videos that feature brand event promotions.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Brand events generate the most views

As mentioned above, 5 of the top 10 videos are from TikTok, and each video has more than 100 million views. The themes of these videos are to promote their upcoming events. Like product launches, sellers and brands don’t have to shy away from promoting upcoming events for the brand on TikTok.

The last video on TikTok integrates elements such as product announcements, tutorials, KOL cooperation, and good background music to guide consumers to pay attention to live brand activities.

Videos that include animals (or animal mascots) also perform pretty well on TikTok. For example, one of the top 10 most viewed videos is the Indianapolis Colts mascot "Blue":

The San Diego Zoo’s official account has also performed well on TikTok, and the video can have millions of views:

As far as the brand is concerned, more shots can be handed over to the employees (subject to the employees' consent). Among the videos studied in this article, the videos showing company employees can be played more than 9 million times on average. These videos can make the brand more humane and can shorten the distance between potential consumers. For example, a Starbucks video showing the dedication of employees to provide customers with the best service no matter what has received 11.6 million views.

In addition, dance videos, tutorial videos, celebrity/KOL collaborations and endorsement videos often get a good amount of views on TikTok.

Marketing inspiration: It's not a bad thing to use videos for product placement or to pre-heat brand activities on TikTok. If the situation permits, you can cooperate with KOL more. Don't forget to add CTA at the end of the video to guide the audience to pay attention to the account.

Marketing is an inner emotional endeavor. Brands definitely hope that the audience can associate positive emotions with the brand, and encourage the audience to buy brand products, participate in activities, or follow the brand on social media. In order to establish this emotional hub, music is very important, it can help brands to shape the mood of the audience. So, in order to "awaken the audience's feelings", how should the brand's video "emotions" be set and expressed?

According to industry insiders, this depends to a certain extent on the brand's products and brand image. Brands like Mountain Dew may want to arouse the audience's sense of adventure and excitement, while airlines hope to bring the audience a sense of calm and safety.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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30% of the videos tried to be funny

Laughter is the best emotional catalyst, and the data shows that the same is true-30% of the videos express a humorous and funny video atmosphere through some form of display.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Funny videos generate the most views

Funny videos almost "dominate" TikTok, and the playback volume of such videos is also the most ideal. When the brand is not sure about the creative style of the next video, you can try a funny style.

Marketing inspiration: The emotion that the video expresses depends on the brand image that the seller wants to show to the audience, but occasional and timely funny is also a direction that brand marketing videos can refer to.

Video editing and style are one of the factors that affect the success of a video. TikTok itself also provides many templates and filters for video creators. This article analyzes the basic video design styles used by some brands and the final results

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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As expected, most videos have subtitles. Subtitles are not only a great way to add marginal notes and comments to brand marketing videos, but also a good mechanism for adding CTA or other small details (such as promotional codes or transactions) to the video without having to say everything clearly. In addition, about 16% of the videos use animated presentations, and emojis are unexpectedly unpopular. Picture display seems to be the most unpopular style. Only 3.9% of videos use this style, but compared with other styles, this type of format does get the most video views. Animation videos also have good views (11.3 million times on average), which once again proves that TikTok encourages good ideas and creators to express freely.

After researching more than 300 brands, I found out the effective way to do TikTok
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Marketing inspiration: Be creative in choosing a video style, and you can use subtitles to convey important brand marketing messages.

What are the hot trends of TikTok in 2021?

This article selects TikTok topics with more exposure and user participation in 2021, for sellers and brands' reference:

  • Vogue (cover) challenge

    Brands can use this topical trend to select product photos and "build" them into the style of Vogue cover. In addition to this challenge, brands can also determine the style of product photos or videos based on popular topics on TikTok to gain more exposure.
  • Sync video to music beat

    Using product images to make stuck video is a relatively simple video output mode in TikTok. Brands can use this model to display products or a promotional poster for an event to bring more exposure to the brand.
  • Album Cover Challenget

    Album cover challenges are one of the more popular forms of challenges on TikTok, and can be used by brands to showcase a less cold side of themselves to showcase their products, or bring a more resonant "behind the scenes brand story" to the brand audience.
  • Use DMs to create hot videos

    Some TikTok bloggers use the form of quotations to share interesting, strange or even annoying private messages. As a brand marketing method, brands can also use private messages such as common questions and interesting comments sent by consumers to create marketing videos.
  • Use "origin information" to create TikTok hot videos

    In some popular videos on TikTok, bloggers will show some photos of their hometown. Brands can also use this idea in marketing: to show followers the specialty foods and customs of the brand's origin, or the origin of the raw materials of the brand's best-selling products, are all good video output directions.

The above content shows that creativity and consistency are the two major measures of brand marketing's success in TikTok.


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