Talk to an Amazon seller: how did he make millions of dollars via TikTok?

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In the past year, e-commerce practitioners have gone through many trials. Many unique seller stories have occurred in the Amazon ecosystem, and they have adapted to industry changes in various ways in the general trend. Today Rogers is going to interview Trevin Peterson, an Amazon seller with annual sales of one million dollars, but his difference is that he is very good at using TikTok.

This article provides Trevin's advice to Amazon sellers, for reference only.

Rogers: I remember that in 2018 you were already a one hundred thousand-weight Amazon seller, with sales of about 300,000 dollars, and then in 2019 the sale was close to 1 million dollars. In 2020, your sales far exceeded this number. I don’t know if what I said is in line with your development progress?

Trevin Peterson: I made $1.2 million on my two Amazon stores in 2020.

Rogers: The increase in sales in 2020 is almost equivalent to all your sales in 2018. This is a very significant increase. You also experienced a lot of failures but did not give up. TikTok is where you grew up on social media last year, right?

Trevin Peterson: I signed up for a TikTok account in 2019. In the first three months, I was still very focused, and the platform improved quickly, but then I was distracted by the epidemic and didn't spend much time on short video production. As of November 2020, it only took me 2-3 months to have nearly 200,000 fans. The explosive growth of the platform surprised me. Making funny videos is actually very interesting. Although some content is very educational, some are worthless, which is exactly the fun of the TikTok platform. I don't need to be very professional. I just need to show my own ideas.

Rogers: So what is your strategy? How to expand the size of fans in a short time?

Trevin Peterson: When I first started posting content, it was very popular to make videos about Tesla's appearance and performance on the platform, so I used autopilot as an entry point to show it. As a result, there are a lot of followers, and the number of fans has increased by 2-3 million. Generally speaking, TikTok only gives us 60 seconds of video display time. So in my video tutorials, I have to attract users' attention as quickly as possible, and I only have 5 to 10 seconds to catch their eyes. Then you can use the remaining 30 seconds to talk about Amazon's tips. Since then, I have started to see huge fan growth, and since then, whenever I have a great idea, I want to put it on TikTok. Sometimes the effect is not always so good, but this is TikTok.

Rogers: Based on your full knowledge of TikTok, do you think the platform can help some well-known brand or private label sellers to start their business?

Trevin Peterson: In May 2020, TikTok has just started to become popular, and my Amazon sales have also begun to surge. For brands, it is indeed an excellent way to gain super high exposure through the viral spread of the TikTok platform.

Rogers: How do sellers conduct product research on TikTok? I remember you also have your own unique strategy.

Trevin Peterson: Enter Amazon-related hashtags on TikTok, and you will find 5 million different videos. It can be found that some of the products they shared have market opportunities on Amazon. This method is mainly based on the ideas obtained from these Internet celebrities. They are equivalent to screening these random products for merchants. To be sure, once you see something that attracts your attention on TikTok, merchants should turn to the Amazon platform to study the relevant situation of the category.

Rogers: What about other social media? Have you used other social media in your personal life or Amazon business?

Trevin Peterson: Amazon sellers will post products on Instagram. Influencers have a large number of followers to increase the exposure of their brands and products. According to the content posted, merchants only need to pay a fee ranging from $100 to $1,000. In fact, I paid only $250 for the content published by Internet celebrities, which could generate more than $20,000 in sales.

Rogers: How did you find the influencers suitable for promotion?

Trevin Peterson: The principle is the same. Enter the hashtag "Amazon Prime" on Instagram. You can find different Instagram celebrities who post product information. Then you can contact them. Some accounts are completely focused on shaping Amazon products. You can try to establish contact with them and ask about the cooperation price. For product promotion through dynamic messages released by internet celebrities, users can click on the jump link to enter the details page, and only need to swipe up to enter Amazon.

Rogers: You think it can be associated with Amazon, right?

Trevin Peterson: If you can do this, it would be great. But many times, those Influencers want to both make the cooperative merchants pay and draw commissions from the platform — if it can bring me considerable sales, I'll agree to it.

Rogers: If you are asked to recommend some new tools that are really helpful to you, what do you think it will be?

Trevin Peterson: Black box, is a keyword product research tool. So far, this is the best tool for product research. It has helped me find many products and has a certain guiding role.

Rogers: Can you share a unique PPC strategy?

Trevin Peterson: There is a certain degree of difficulty in PPC adjustment. In 2020, I tried a variety of different automation software, but there is no real solution. In my experience, I believe that the biggest factor that changes PPC advertising is brand video advertising. Every time I run a video PPC ad, I get the best ACoS and drive more sales conversions. So, if you are a registered brand and have not yet started to publish video ads on a large scale, I would suggest giving it a try.

Rogers: Okay, what are the high-level things about your video advertising strategy? Do you have a specific goal in terms of video length? Do you do anything at the beginning of the video to attract people's attention? Or, I see some people just put a product on the base and can rotate it for display. Or to others, it is like a slide show, only showing the pictures in the list.

Trevin Peterson: I have also tried slideshow ads, and the actual performance is also very good. I would recommend sellers to make the advertising text easy to read so that users can efficiently obtain important information. I have some video ads that also have simple slideshow videos. You can choose to make them yourself, or you can spend 5 to 10 dollars to find someone to do it.

Rogers: How do you continuously set goals for yourself so that you can achieve self-realization in your career?

Trevin Peterson: Entrepreneurs are always looking for new opportunities, so I have been involved in many different businesses. In 2021, I am very focused on developing my second Amazon account. I have 4 products in the pipeline and plan to launch them on this basis. I hope this year's second account can also reach the million level. With the development of TikTok, I also invested a lot of time and energy in the platform. My two business partners and I founded my first software company. This is a bit like Amazon's course space, allowing sellers to obtain the correct information through multiple channels. We once wondered why there aren't many courses online? So we decided to start it. I am very excited and optimistic about this huge project in 2021.

In 2021, we will set new goals for ourselves. We're determined to continue to promote the brand and build product image.


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