TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers

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In 2021, global online retailing is exploding, and the change of consumers' consumption habits is driving the development of e-commerce. In this new window, brand merchants and factories owners are trying to transform and enter the market to get an extra share of the pie in this blue ocean. And the old sellers have to find their own foothold: how to seize the market more quickly and effectively than ever before has become a problem they must think about.

E-commerce sellers in the process of looking for new opportunities, social media platform TikTok has repeatedly set new records: more than 2 billion downloads of TikTok became the world's most popular short video social app. Because of TikTok's gold traffic and commercialization of the continuous acceleration, it has great hidden potential in the brand exposure, creating private domain traffic, conversion transactions and other aspects. So TikTok, an offsite channel to help e-commerce sellers build private domain marketing, has become the new trend.

Although TikTok has not yet reached full commercialization, but under the pressure of various crackdowns and public opinion, TikTok is still constantly introducing new features to achieve more efficient commercialization for sellers' layout to monetize. So what do these features include?

Features and advantages of TikTok's eight important features

Many sellers believe that TikTok is only suitable for brand merchants to achieve brand exposure through advertising, but with the acceleration of TikTok's commercialization process, some shopify sellers have also started to improve their store's conversion rate through TikTok influencers marketing.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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In addition, TikTok free traffic has also become a lot of sellers "monetizing tool". Diversified integrated marketing game is one of the biggest advantages of TikTok. Especially with the emergence of one new feature after another, various combinations of play gradually help major sellers to seize the TikTok traffic dividend.

  1. New Q&A feature

Recently, according to foreign media reports, TikTok will launch a new feature - "Q&A". Content creators can enable the "Q&A" button in the profile, while users can assign their comments as questions by clicking the "Q&A" button next to the emoji icon in the comment field, provided they have access to the feature. Followers who wish to submit questions directly to the creator can also click on the Q&A link on their profile page. All these questions will then be collected in one place, easily visible to the creator. Currently, the feature is only available to a limited number of users, and those with more than 10,000 followers have the option to try to turn it on via the app's settings menu.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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The Q&A feature is a new way to stimulate followers' interaction. Not only can it increase the interaction and connection between creators and followers, but it can also further increase the number of active users of TikTok, perhaps will this have an impact on the influence of KOLs and marketing cooperation. At the same time, it can also be used with TikTok's live feature Live to increase followers' stickiness.

2. Google search will show TikTok short video

December 30, 2020 - Google is testing a new feature that will enable TikTok videos to appear in the mobile version of the Google app, which means users can browse TikTok short video content without leaving the Google app. At this stage, TikTok short videos are able to be found in Google's small video bar. After tapping it, you will see the web page version number of the social networking platform instead of the original mobile app.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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It can be said that the feature gives TikTok short videos an additional exposure channel, which means that online sellers have an additional marketing channel. Doing quality content marketing on TikTok will be displayed in Google search, which is the lowest cost to get maximum traffic.

3. Together with Walmart to carry out the first "live with goods"

December 18, 2020 news, TikTok and the world's largest retailer Wal-Mart held a live event, this is TikTok in the United States for the first time "live with goods". The model is basically the same as that in China, cooperating with some net celebrities on TikTok who have marketing power, and showing recommended products to followers through live streaming. Users enter the live streaming room through the recommendation of the information flow, there is a "gift box" in the bottom right corner, prompting users to "shop now", users can click on it to see the introduction of the product, and jump to external links to buy. It is reported that the new live function of TikTok, all eligible users can automatically have the live function entrance.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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At present, Amazon, Aliexpress, Lazada, Shopee and other e-commerce platforms, have opened a live e-commerce function. It shows that live-streaming with goods has become a new trend in overseas as well. And Walmart joint TikTok's first live broadcast also promoted the TikTok commercialization process. At the same time this is good news for TikTok creators and cross-border sellers, because the platform will certainly give traffic support to stores that live-stream goods.

4. The United States region online BTTA feature

This feature is a paid buy traffic play for enterprise TikTok account, and only accounts that have completed the Blue V enterprise certification can use this feature, similar to the computer side of the TikTok Ads play. Although not all sellers can take advantage of this diversion feature, but one more way to play is one more channel to attract traffic, which is also a good trend.

5. "DOU" feature on the line

In December 2020, TikTok's DOU+ feature has been officially launched, and the regions currently open are Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Users in these regions can participate in the placement, improve video playback and hang external links directly. We can think of it as a video heating tool for TikTok creators. This feature can not only boost video plays efficiently in a short time according to your video, but also attract more interested users to interact and pay attention, achieving the goals of improving video interaction and increasing follows' attention.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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One of the biggest advantages is that after heating, the video has a shopping link feature with shop now. With the DOU+ feature, the goal of converting TikTok users to independent sites through TikTok user diversion is much easier to achieve.

6. Establish a global partnership with Shopify

In October 2020, the independent site Shopify announced a new partnership with TikTok, merchants will be able to sell products in the form of "shoppable" video ads. In other words, all Shopify merchants will be able to place video ads on TikTok without having to jump to an external platform. In addition, the cooperation, Shopify merchants can install TikTok Ad Pixel, monitor the effectiveness of their advertising on TikTok, tracking user behavior, including ad exposure, ad click-through rate, add to cart, order status, payment status, etc.

7. Launched "Creators Fund"

In July 2020, TikTok announced that it would invest $200 million in creator incentives in the U.S. In September, the TikTok Europe Fund was launched, with an expected investment of $300 million over the next three years. As long as the number of followers exceeds 10,000, you can get the creators' fund by posting videos after the audit. At this stage, the localized content ecology in Europe is growing explosively, and the platform has gone from a lack of content before to a higher content threshold now.

As the creator program is in full swing, the TikTok algorithm has also started to update and upgrade, which means that the era of TikTok short video handling has passed and the bonus period of rising powder has disappeared. So account operations increasingly need localized original content! So online sellers want to do content on TikTok, it is best to find a professional TikTok MCN on behalf of the operation of original content, both to reduce costs, but also to ensure the stability of the account and to avoid the mobility of influencers.

8. The new home page of the Website feature

In March 2020, TikTok opened the Website custom link feature, users with more than 1000+ followers can automatically open the added link, and followers can directly click on the link to enter the mall. It is reported that the opening of the "home page direct link" feature is the beginning of the TikTok short video with goods.

TikTok's eight important features that may help TikTok become an indispensable marketing tool for e-commerce sellers
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The home page placement link feature is actually a free way that allows sellers to direct users to an external link on the TikTok home page in video content, comments, private messages or live streams, which in turn leads to conversions. Sellers who owns their ecom shops can also test how many customers are converted from TikTok with a new external link to determine if your product runs well on TikTok.

These eight features of TikTok may seem insignificant, but they are the tools that will become your perfect marketing.

Online sellers must start to do TikTok in advance!

The launch of several new features means that the formation of TikTok commercialization is an inevitable trend. The current TikTok is equivalent to the Chinese version of it in 2017, and you can easily attract a large number of followers on TikTok without spending months and years on it. This is in stark contrast to almost all other social media platforms. As long as you spend some time watching TikTok trends, popular hashtags, and making videos that fit those popular elements, you have the opportunity to go viral.

Thus, for online sellers who want to build their brands, TikTok, which can help you quickly gain super high influence, is undoubtedly the best choice. At present, there are not many official media accounts on TikTok, so this is the best time to build a brand position. Wait until everyone is aiming at this opportunity, then you will have less of the cake to share, which is why I have been suggesting sellers to start to do TikTok in advance.

Going in early to TikTok to grab a favorable position will not only get more support from the platform, but also reduce the traffic cost of the whole placement cycle accordingly.

Isn't TikTok marketing worth starting to do?


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