How to do "Halloween" marketing on TikTok?

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What is Halloween? You'll certainly get your answer on TikTok!

Merchants who want to know consumers can go to TikTok and search for the 2021 Halloween hot trend. Consumers who want inspiration about how to celebrate Halloween will also go to TikTok. (35% of consumers will find inspiration online!)

The following Halloween marketing methods are hoped to help sellers realize their marketing craze!

Spike in #Halloween hype

As of the end of October, videos with Halloween-related tags will contribute an amazing wave of views. Merchants can make good use of TikTok users' enthusiasm for Halloween and create a trend of the same enthusiasm to attract traffic.

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Views tagged with "Halloween"

Consumer purchasing power

During Halloween, consumers are buying like a vampire who has been sealed for a long time. The American Retail Federation stated that the per capita consumption in 2020 reached a record high of US$92.121. In order to achieve a perfect appearance, consumers have invested heavily.

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Halloween per person spending

During October, the hot-selling category for Halloween was costumes, and the consumption of soft drinks also skyrocketed visible to the naked eye. TikTok is like an intermediate trader, inspiring consumers to be more creative; TikTok affected 59% of users to buy Halloween costumes and 42% of users to buy candy and chocolate.

Hot hashtags

Hashtag is a quick way to guide consumers into the Halloween carnival! Staggering the use of different Halloween themed hashtags in the copy can increase the visibility and participation of posts. The following hot hashtags can be used as reference:

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Top toktober hashtags

Halloween category broadens

Many TikTok users don’t just buy costumes, but various Halloween-related products. No matter what type of cute, crazy, or scary, TikTok users will also DIY their own decorations. The following are the most popular content categories on TikTok in October 2020: performance & dialogue, dancing, vlog, lip-synching, comedy, casual shooting, screen recording.

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Brand Opportunity: Horror Elements

Many businesses have seized the trend of consumers using TikTok and created innovative gameplay. They try to establish a new connection in different dimensions with their consumers. The following are examples of three brands for reference only;

Case 1: Mars Wrigley

In 2020, Mars Wrigley (a food processing company) faces a "candy crisis". The new epidemic shattered children's hopes of celebrating Halloween face to face. For candy companies, it means that candy prices will drop significantly. Mars Wrigley has developed the TREAT TOWN app in order to satisfy customers' wishes that they can celebrate Halloween even at home. Users can realize the virtual delivery experience of candy with their family and friends. The company publishes activities on TikTok to expand app awareness and guide downloads. The TikTok event promoted more than 1.23 million video views and 70,000 app downloads, and the overall brand reputation increased by 13.4%.

Case 2: Parc Astérix

Astérix (Asterix) is a well-known French comic book character, a brave legendary Gaul warrior. There are many related movies and independent theme park Parc Astérix. Parc Astérix wants to open an official TikTok account to increase participation in the Halloween event. The company collaborated with two well-known creators on TikTok to produce a fictional story related to the Parc Astérix Halloween theme event. The two creators will post their adventures in the theme park in In-Feed Ads, and maintain interaction on TikTok, bringing exciting stories to followers. This event covered more than 2 million TikTok users, and Parc Astérix received 1,000 new followers in just seven days.

Case 3: Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is a lollipop company that children and adults both like. The brand goal is to create eternal happiness. During the COVID-19 pandemic last year, young Italians were blocked from spending Halloween at home. The company created the "#Chupalloween" Halloween-themed Brand Hashtag Challenge (Branded Hashtag Challenge) with the help of TikTok, in which users dressed up and challenged based on Chupa Chups's character paste concept. The Chupa Chups Brand Tag Challenge received 295 million views in 5 days, and over 242,000 works participated in the activity, with a participation rate of 12.6%. This event not only brought huge marketing influence to Chupa Chups, but also broke the haze in people's hearts, and brought people a little joy during the epidemic,.

TikTok: Only accept sweetness, reject routines

Want to refresh your customers? Want customers to miss you? TikTok is the best choice for companies to develop customers during Halloween. From In-Feed Ads and Brand Hashtag Challenges to Brand Hashtag Challenges, you can discover many tools to create a brand craze on TikTok. If you want Halloween video views to reach the peak, you must pay, but the rewards for enterprises will far exceed the cost. For more consumer trends and brand opportunities, please keep following Woospy!


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