How to optimize the speed of your Shopify website?

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Let's first take a look at the survey data of a group of shopping websites.

More than 75% of users will not repurchase on websites with a slow loading speed.

More than 60% of smartphone users want the website to load within 4 seconds.

More than 50% of shoppers use mobile devices to shop.

From the above data, it can be concluded that the fast loading speed of the mobile side of a website is very important, because the page speed is very important to the user experience, and the longer page loading time means higher bounce rate and lower page stay time. This leads to a very negative sales transformation of the site. Google officials also stressed that website speed is one of the important factors in page ranking. Slower page speed means that Google searches crawl fewer pages, which may have a negative impact on your index.

How to optimize the speed of your Shopify website?
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Recommendation of website speed testing tools.

PageSpeed Insights.

As a speed measurement and analysis tool officially recommended by Google, PageSpeed Insights divides the devices on the mobile side and the desktop side, generates the corresponding page speed scores and suggestions, and also explains the page scores.

For example:

More than 90 points: this is a good score.

A 50-90 points: this is an average speed, and it is best to optimize the website.

Maximum 50 points: the website is in urgent need of improvement.

How to optimize the speed of your Shopify website?
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GTmetrix is a free analysis tool that analyzes your page speed performance and grades the page from A to F, and then provides optimization recommendations. For example: website Fully Loaded Time: 4.7s.

How to optimize the speed of your Shopify website?
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Factors affecting the speed of the website.

Uncontrollable factors.

Shopify officials also stressed that the customer's equipment, website, address factors are as objective factors. Because the audience who visits our store will come from all over the world, the network and devices used by the audience are different, and these factors also mean that the loading speed of the store is too long or slow down.

Controllable factors.

Shopify officials also stressed that the store's APP apps, templates, pictures and videos, as well as complex and inefficient Liquid code.

  • Pictures and videos, oversized pictures and hidden pictures in the view may interfere with loading other more important parts of the page.
  • Template, which consists of Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. When you edit or customize a template, the file size may increase and affect the speed of the store.
  • Store APP applications, when adding APP to change the function or appearance of the online store, add code to the template so that they can run. You can delete some code or reorder it to improve the performance of the online store.
  • Complex or inefficient Liquid code, repeated complex operations may increase Liquid rendering time, thus affecting the overall store speed.

Guiding suggestions on the speed optimization of the website.

Compress pictures and videos.

Shopify allows us to use image formats such as JPG.PMG and GIF, while store pictures are mainly JPG images, so image compression is very important and a necessary condition for speeding up web pages. Before uploading an image, we strongly recommend using 5-year-old (Drop your WebP, PNG or JPEG files here!) to reduce the size of the image. For example, after using this tool, one of my 1.3MB images is compressed to 336kb, and the image is reduced by 74% without distortion. Like this tool.

Download the fast theme of the website from the Shopify website.

In fact, the storage speed of the site mainly depends on the theme of the site, in the official website theme, such as Prestige,debut,warehouse theme takes up less storage space, so the loading speed will be faster than most topics. For example, one of my favorite themes is Warehouse Theme, memory is only 498KB, the loading speed of this website is relatively good, you can Wechat plus me, I will send you.

PS: one more thing: don't use Shopify themes from unknown sources (such as QQ group downloads or unloaded extra code for you from a colleague). In 2018, I collected some themes to use. As a result, I tried multiple Shopify themes, and my site was very slow to load.

Reduce the number of app installations and remove excess app.

Most app downloads through shopify add some JS/CSS files to the store, but the main problem is that JS/CSS files run in the background, slowing down the site. Some colleagues before a reviews plug-in used 3, I took to test the speed of his website, the very span is 30, after uninstalling some uncommonly used plug-ins, the speed instantly increased to 42. Important note: app that is not needed has been deleted, which can also improve the loading speed of the page.

Uninstall Sale channel-Messenger.

One of my colleagues uses this sale channel Messenger to implement an online chat tool between the website and messenger users. At that time, my overall website was more or less the same as hers. My website speed was 60, while hers was 19. After troubleshooting, the speed directly increased by 35% after uninstalling Messenger. If you have to have an online chat tool, then my suggestion is to find an alternative-Tidio, which is an online chat tool, but there are many professional websites that use this topic.

Find professional people to optimize the theme of the website.

The first way, through the official recommendation to hire experts, namely Hire site performance expertise, according to your needs to browse experts or get expert help.

The second method is my gift to fans. I hope those who can see this article will benefit a little. Find someone to optimize it for you directly on FIVERR. You can spend money. Generally, you can spend $50 to optimize the speed of the website above 50-60. I have found someone to cooperate with me before. Of course, if you don't do a good job in the basics (including pictures, themes, app, etc.), even shopify code experts can't handle it.


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