How to maximize the accuracy of Google advertising? Spend less money and maximize ROI

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Ask yourself a bunch of questions before advertising.

A lot of people ask me about Google advertising skills, and the answer is precision.

What is precision? I divided it into three parts:

Accurate audience

Before casting an ad, ask yourself a bunch of questions before advertising:

Which users do I want to advertise to?

Their country and region? Age characteristics? Gender characteristics? hobby? Their fertility status? Family income? Education level? The status of house ownership? What are their common search terms? Frequently visited websites and videos?

If you can answer these questions clearly, congratulations, you have successfully completed the user profile.

The next ad launch will be arranged around this user profile.

Search ads:

I will bid for whatever words are commonly used by my potential users.

Display ads, video ads:

First, limit who can see my advertisement by customizing the country and region of the audience (specific to the city), age, sex, interest, income, interest, etc.
Then limit the pages that can display advertisements by customizing the website, the theme of the website, the keywords contained in the website, the Youtube channel and so on.
In this way, who can see the advertisement + who can display the advertisement = accurate crowd + accurate display location = more accurate advertising = better advertising effect and higher ROI

Shopping advertisement:

I will locate the country where my customers are mainly; I will set the ads to be placed only to the users with the corresponding characteristics; what search terms my users often use, I will incorporate those words into my product Feed, focusing on optimizing the Title and Description of the product.

How to maximize the accuracy of Google advertising? Spend less money and maximize ROI
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Accurate advertising language

The accuracy here is divided into two aspects: accurate description + accurate pain point (accurate hit user pain point).

Accurate description: it is that advertising language should be explained around the product or service, long story short, short, and integrated with keywords, not exaggerating the facts, but also modest, so that users can have an objective understanding.
The precise pain point is that you can call wherever the user hurts.

Accurate pain point: What can't be solved by other products or services, your uniqueness and innovation should be displayed in the advertising language.

For example, you are doing B2B, other competitors have an order quantity of more than 2000, but you can do it, then this is the advantage! Write it in!

How to maximize the accuracy of Google advertising? Spend less money and maximize ROI
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Precision advertising landing page

The precision here is to give customers what they like.

What is presented to the customer is exactly what the customer wants to see.

Many friends do not know where to start to adjust the landing page experience, in fact, it is very simple, just need to switch roles.

Think of you as a client. What kind of web page you want to see, then make yourself what kind of web page!

For example, you sell women's dresses. If you want to advertise women's dresses, what kind of landing page should be designed?

Ok, first of all, think of yourself as a user. Anyway, as long as you search for women's dresses, you certainly don't want to see pages selling skirts or pants, right?

You prefer to have a variety of choices on this page, including broken flower dresses, vintage dresses, long dresses, short dresses, sexy dresses, small fresh dresses, everything.

In addition, you also hope that the opening speed of this page is fast, the picture is very clear, the product introduction is clear, the price is clear, a variety of payment methods, clear refund policy, time-limited discount and so on.

So, ok, your landing page should be designed and optimized according to the points you want.

In addition, if you are in B2B, the design of this page will be different. Suppose you are a user looking for a dressmaker, then the landing page you want to see is definitely not the one mentioned above!

You need to know whether this company is an integration of industry and trade, or is it just a pure trading company?
(in order to pursue a more cost-effective factory direct selling price, many customers want to directly dock the factory and skip the trading company, then the page had better show that they are a factory and can provide factory direct selling price.).

You want to know if this company can produce the design you want.
(then the landing page should write down all the types that can be produced and upload pictures of the products. When the customer sees a similar product, he knows that this company can also produce certain products he wants.)

You want to know if you can meet the initial order requirements of this company.

(Most OEM and ODM have an ordering requirement, and too little doesn't make money at all, so you'd better write the minimum order requirement on the landing page, and the users who can't meet the requirements will just leave, and filter out some invalid customers by the way to reduce the cost of communication.)

In addition, you may also want to know the manufacturer's method of payment, delivery cycle, etc.

Of course, I also hope that the speed of this website is very fast, the picture is clear, and the expression is professional.

So, if you are a customer, what kind of information and page do you want, make what kind of page!

Only by doing the landing page that customers like, can we get the favor of users, get high stay time and low bounce rate, attract users, and also retain and grasp users at the same time!

Have you mastered the above three skills related to "precision"?

Only with the accuracy of advertising can we get the maximum return with the least money.

Take action immediately and compare your ads with your website.

If there is a need for adjustment and optimization, just hurry up!


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