Shopify E-commerce Analysis: how to select the right products

Why do you want to take the selection out and talk about it separately?

For e-commerce businessmen, production selection can be said to be a top priority.

The importance of product selection

Why do you want to take the selection out and talk about it separately? For e-commerce businessmen, production selection can be said to be a top priority.

Production selection is not only a science, but also an art, many rookies do not do well in the initial stage of e-commerce, energy and financial resources have not been paid less, but the return is very small because there is something wrong with the selection.

When selecting products, either one is good. "I," think this product is good, "I" think this product has a market, and "I" think this product is very practical.

These are the most heard words, the choice must refuse "I think".

So how can we select one or more products that are easy to use and sell? we need a scientific way, use some platforms and tools, analyze data realistically, understand market demand well, avoid subjective judgment, and rely on big data to choose scientifically.

The same product selection of different businesses to make the effect is also different, this is the "art".

How to do product selection

In the most popular sense, we have to go thoroughly into the hearts of consumers, which region we are going to do, local customs and customs, preferences, age of the audience, per capita purchasing power, and so on all determine the direction of the product selection, and it is easy and difficult to make money. It is worth the hard work to choose the right way.

Shopify E-commerce Analysis: how to select the right products
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  1. Human consumption desire is based on demand production, products must be able to solve the corresponding problems for customers, meet a certain demand, such products are easy to sell, save money, save time, or improve the quality of life is to better meet the needs of users.
    Therefore, when we choose a good product, we should first look at whether the product has a very clear pertinence, and it is better to know at a glance who this product is for the niche market than those that look good.

2. Production selection tool

In the selection, we must fully learn to broaden our horizons, go to the major platforms to see the hot product data, we can fully understand the needs of users, the following platforms can be used for reference:

(1) Amazon (2) Wish (3) Ebay (4) AliExpress (5) Quora (6) Reddit.

The above platforms can learn a lot of key market data and information, the products with the most sales, and go to the forum to find out what products you are most passionate about, which can be of great help to our product selection.


The supply and demand of products also need to be analyzed, and the sales of products in the corresponding region are indeed good, but there are many merchants who are doing the same type of products. They rely on each other's price, product quality, and provide additional services. Concessions and other programs to attract consumers, then the supply of this product in the market in this region has exceeded demand, timely products are very popular, we also try not to touch them.
If customers can easily buy other products, in contrast, we do not have obvious advantages, it is not easy to achieve popular style.
At this time, it is also necessary to make good use of tools to find out whether the selected products meet their own requirements.


In addition to meeting the needs of specific users and having good supply chain advantages, the appearance design and functional application of the product are also very attractive to users. we also need to consider the use of the product to brighten the eyes or surprise the user's heart. users find the core value of the product, that is, why it exists, why it is needed, and what it gets.

Do you have the impulse to place an order after seeing the product?

If you are not even interested, then it is likely that users will not pay for it, often many merchants who choose this kind of novelty product are more likely to succeed.

If we meet the above conditions, the remaining problem of our selection is not big. Choose the right products and take a look at the historical sales volume. The upward trend is enough to account for a good profit margin.
In addition, for businesses, if they rely on the major platforms, they should understand and abide by the rules of the platform in advance.


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