What you may not know about Amazon operations

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How to check the competitors' keywords?

There is a saying that rivals are the best teachers. By looking at competitors' keywords, sellers can analyze the traffic entrance of the product, which keywords have more traffic, helping sellers to better optimize their listings.

To get the competitors' keywords is not difficult, just enter the following URL.

https://sellercentral.amazon.com/abis/ajax/reconciledDetailsV2?asin= [ASIN]

and replace [ASIN] with the ASIN you want, then Ctrl+F search "Search Terms" to find keywords.

There is also, Amazon has been promoting the use of brand analysis, the most powerful feature embodied in the search term section. Once in this section, users can see how generic specific keywords are relative to other keywords, and how important those keywords are for specific Amazon Standard Product Number (asin) products.

How to optimize their keywords?

Listing copy optimization keywords is a systematic project, listing overall copy contains as many relevant keywords and is as accurate as possible, but many times, we set part of the keywords as "invalid".


Amazon backend has a nice little tool to ensure that sellers do not make such low-level mistakes when optimizing their listings. Its path is brand analysis - brand health - search term optimizer, you can help sellers retrieve, whether the keywords are all valid. Of course, its role is not limited to this, you can find out by yourself.

Request a "Category List Report".

The "Category listing report" is a report provided by Inventory Reports from Amazon Seller Central that will recreate a flat-file for your product listing so you can more easily identify any data in your listing gaps, including missing bullet points, generic keywords, and incorrect tax codes. It can help sellers identify and detect if a spoof seller has tampered with the listing to avoid it turning into a dog.

Of course, by default, the feature is not activated, you can apply and get the report through Amazon Seller Support (Seller Support). If Amazon approves your application, you will need to select Category Listing Report from the drop-down menu on the Inventory Reports page in Inventory Reports.

Contact Account Status Specialist

Amazon sellers encounter many problems in the course of their operations and need to contact the platform for support, but as we all know, it is difficult for us to get valuable information from customer service and basically ineffective communication.

If you really need help and think you have a legitimate reason, such as performance issues, you can try to contact the account status specialist. In the backend account status, most sellers have an account status specialist button. Please note, do not harass the specialist, that the contact route may be closed.

Get free traffic with Amazon posts

It is not much free Amazon traffic and Posts is one of them. Amazon Posts are free promotional signs and product posts with lifestyle images, descriptive headlines and links to related product pages. Posts appear throughout the Amazon app, including the brand's feed, related product and category feeds, and your product listings.

To create Amazon Posts, the following requirements need to be met: Registered Amazon Brand Member, Amazon US Seller, Amazon Store Owner.


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