The most perfect Google plugin for Shopify-Commerce Inspector

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What if the most perfect build a plug-in for Shopify? I will not hesitate to choose Commerce Inspector, a plug-in I have been using, I have uninstalled a lot of plug-ins, but this plug-in has never been uninstalled, this plug-in is as valuable as my own child, and it has been in use since 2018.

Commerce Inspector is tailor-made for Shopify, as a very easy to use Shopify website competitor mining and analysis tool, you can use this plug-in to quickly view Shopify site in the use of templates, app, site traffic data, site traffic sources, site establishment time, site app, site new product shelves frequency, hot-selling products, new shelves products, as well as the most popular products on Facebook and its advertising data and other information.

Plug-in address:

you can log in directly with your FACEBOOK personal ID.

First, quickly pick up the information of the entire Shopify store.

Https://, for example, is a perfect site that has been discussed by many bloggers.

The most perfect Google plugin for Shopify-Commerce Inspector
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1. It can be detected that the theme of this site is Motion.

2. This site was founded on February 14, 2019.

3. The latest date of this site is December 1, 2021.

4. The monthly traffic of this site is 200K +.

5. The app plug-in of this site is Help center, Klaviyo, Hotjar, note that there are still a lot of apps undetected, not much discussion.

6. The new product on this site is Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wan, which was launched five days ago.

7. The FB home page of this site is kenzzilpl, Instagram. The home page is kenzzi.

8. The most popular product on this site is Kenzzi IPL Laser Hair Removal H.

Second, testing the explosions of the Shopify website provides shops with a wealth of options and materials.

This app can monitor the past 7 days, today, this month, last month and other explosive posts, in the shopify list of products, can accurately understand the recent hot products, advertising copywriting reference.

Third, monitoring Top Products

The websites here are often carefully selected, and I usually refer to the ideas of building explosive websites from here. For example, the websites of and are very representative.

The most perfect Google plugin for Shopify-Commerce Inspector
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The Foam Cleaner
The most perfect Google plugin for Shopify-Commerce Inspector
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Four, you can learn about the most plug-ins currently used by Shopify

Can be ranked according to the largest number of App installed in the network. There is no doubt that Loox Reviews is the most used, and the most frequently used app is often the best, with the highest praise.

The most perfect Google plugin for Shopify-Commerce Inspector
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Five, enter product keywords to find the best competing websites

Https:// enters the product name at the 'top site', and you can find a lot of matches, such as entering tools, but you know that the best seller is Barstool Sports.


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