I summarize how to do TikTok feed ads well from 100 short marketing videos

How to attract the attention of consumers within three seconds? All short video content producers will think about this issue. For cross-border merchants who do pay promotion on TikTok, it is particularly important to master the production points of information flow advertisements.

When observing short marketing videos with good performance, key information will be placed at the beginning, and the brand logo will be revealed within 3-10 seconds. As long as the audience can be retained in the first few seconds, brand exposure must keep up.

Lying Rabbit Network found that in order to attract users, some short marketing videos will set the storyline too tortuous, and the brand will be introduced at the end when it is not conducive to the completion rate. Audiences are impatient, and they need to quickly know what you are doing. Especially for marketing advertisements, key information such as key points and pain points should be concise and clear, and directly given to the audience. What needs to play the role of attracting users, it is best to use strong auxiliary skills such as quick editing, picture changes, and appropriate music matching.

I summarize how to do TikTok feed ads well from 100 short marketing videos
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2 basic points of news feed advertising

  1. Portrait shot

TikTok can choose the aspect ratio of the footage 16:9, 9:16, 1:1. It is best to shoot videos in a vertical screen. A larger frame can display more marketing details and conform to the browsing habits of mobile users.

If you use the original video material, pay attention to the size of the TikTok vertical screen, otherwise the look and feel experience will be poor and you will not be able to retain traffic.

  1. Short videos should not be too long

Some cross-border sellers have shot 1.5 minutes of advertising material when displaying products. It is obviously inappropriate to cut them all in. Unless your content is story-based, emotional, or high-tech, it is not suitable for the audience to come It's too long to say. Generally, 9-15 seconds of video length is appropriate. Of course, you can also continuously test and select videos with excellent data performance for delivery.

How to make information flow advertising content?

  1. True feelings

When conveying brand values ​​to consumers, the narrative can be beautiful and moving but avoid exaggeration and falsehood; it can reflect the reason for the customer to experience your products and services, and sincere content can impress discerning consumers.

  1. Pay attention to your consumers

Audience targeting is a cliché, but it should be noted that video advertising should also target your user base, create content suitable for target consumers based on brand user portraits, and focus on what they care about.

  1. Create a series of content

It is possible to directly target consumers for pain points, but such videos are often unique. Brands can plan a series of related promotional videos. If a user is moved by the emotion conveyed by one of the videos, when he finds that such a video has a series, he will often open it one by one.

  1. Create content that integrates with TikTok

Since short video advertisements are published on TikTok, the content must conform to the characteristics of the TikTok platform. TikTok users like to watch fresh native content and like to follow popular memes and popular hot videos on the platform. Brands can integrate these popular elements when making information flow advertisements to make the materials more suitable for the platform.

I summarize how to do TikTok feed ads well from 100 short marketing videos
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Form Skills of Information Flow Advertisement

  1. Make good use of music.

Don’t underestimate the role of music. Attractive music on the TikTok platform is a strong aid for retaining users. If the music and the content are perfectly matched, the user's viewing process will be smooth and pleasant, and more people will be retained to improve the completion rate.

2. End with an emphasis on CTA (call to action)

At the end of the video, you must make everyone take action, which can be clicking on the avatar to follow, or like and comment. The important thing is what you want users to do, click on the link to place an order, or learn more, be sure to remind the audience not to make meaningless videos.

3. Add information.

In addition to displaying text in the lower-left corner, more text should be added during the video production process to increase the exposure of information and give the audience a clearer concept.

4. Consider TikTok For Business.

The TikTok platform itself has paid video tools, and these paid promotion tips can help you gain more exposure and strengthen your brand. TikTok For Business is divided into brand advertising and bidding advertising. Among them, brand advertisements mainly include open-screen advertisements, information flow advertisements, #challenges, and sticker advertisements; while bidding advertisements are paid promotions through bidding and are divided into various actions for different purposes. These gameplays require merchants to spend time understanding them.


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