The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict! European airline resources are scarce, and Ukrainian-related goods are on the best-selling list of e-commerce platforms

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Products related to Ukraine are on the best-selling list of the world's major e-commerce platforms

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, goods related to Ukraine are becoming one of the best-selling goods on the world's major e-commerce platforms. The number of Listing for Ukrainian flags, associated brooches and T-shirts is doubling on ecommerce platforms in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and other Latin American countries. On the Etsy UK website, popular products related to Ukraine are also printed with slogans supporting various Ukrainian groups, organizations and businesses, such as the State Bank of Ukraine and the armed forces.

The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict! European airline resources are scarce, and Ukrainian-related goods are on the best-selling list of e-commerce platforms
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Shortage of European airline resources, global freight supply chain is facing disruption

Affected by the causes of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the global supply chain, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, is facing further disruptions and rising costs, and some routes between China and Europe cannot operate. The reciprocal airspace ban prohibits European airlines and Russian airlines from passing through each other's airspace, making transportation between Europe and North Asian destinations such as Japan, South Korea and China particularly problematic. About 20% of the world's airlines with air cargo will be affected by the ban.

Multi-category prices of Russian Express have risen sharply

Russian Express is very popular in Russia because of its high competitive performance-to-price ratio. But since February 28th Russians have generally complained about a sharp rise in the prices of a large number of products on Russia's AliExpress. The prices of vacuum cleaners, headphones and keyboards have also risen sharply. Russians attribute the price rise to the instability of the dollar and euro against the rouble caused by military action in Ukraine. Russian Express has been out of stock, and ordinary supermarkets offline are empty because Russians are frantically hoarding goods.

Australia was hit by floods, eBay took measures to protect sellers

EBay Australia has announced protective measures for sellers due to delays in parcels in Queensland and New South Wales due to severe flooding in eastern Australia. The protection applies to parcels entering and leaving Queensland and New South Wales between 28 February and the receding floodwaters before returning to normal. For orders in the above period, the platform will automatically delete the seller's delivery delay rate, seller's cancellation order defect rate and related negative or neutral feedback. The unreceived dispute settlement (INR) received by the seller and any related negative or neutral feedback will be automatically deleted.

The global output value of extreme skiing sports has increased, with 90% of the equipment coming from the Chinese supply chain

After skiing has gradually become a "national sport" in the Winter Olympic Games, the world-class products led by China's supply chain have begun to sweep the world. According to statistics, China exported 86702 ski suits in 2020, an increase of 108% over the same period last year. China's supply chain supports more than 90% of the global demand for ski equipment. Consumers from 100 countries and regions around the world bought Chinese skiing equipment on AliExpress in 2021.

Amazon announces "getting started Gift package for New sellers"

Amazon has announced the launch of a "getting started gift package for new sellers", offering more than $50, 000 worth of incentive benefits to new sellers who sell at Amazon's designated sites.

Strong growth in pet products market in the Middle East

The pet products market in the Middle East reached the highest level in a decade in 2020, and the growth rate of retail present value sales of pet products will moderate slow in 2021. As the number of local pets continues to grow and pet food continues to become high-end, the pet care industry in the region is expected to be worth about $2 billion by 2025. Most breeders prefer to buy pet food and other pet care products on e-commerce platforms, especially in the first half of 2020, when online channels achieved the strongest growth in the Middle East.


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