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In fact, as we all know, Coupang will give shops a certain amount of natural flow, which is what everyone says: Buddhism can also be ordered. But what many sellers do not know is that this depends on the chance of getting new. Insisting on getting new every day can make the product get more exposure, and when the exposure increases, you will be able to pay the order.

Well, some friends say that the consumption level of Koreans is relatively high, and the price is the key that will not affect sales volume. Koreans prefer evaluation and logistics time. Friends say, then how should I set the price? In fact, it is very simple to take the median price of a product, or if you are confident in your own store, then you can use a lower price for drainage.

Please recommend me to the Coupang seller!
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How to improve the order rate of Coupang


Cross-border sellers should know that Coupang sellers and buyers communicate with each other through email. When the buyer is interested in your goods, he will send his own email to consult you, and reply to the buyer in a timely, accurate and clear manner. There is one thing to pay attention to: "reply to buyers must be friendly!"

Evaluation is very important

For the goods sold, as well as customers who buy our products, we can make a return visit, we can ask about the feeling of using the products, whether we can give good comment, the early store is very important for the evaluation.

The title should be concise and clear

Do not use software to translate titles, the translation of small languages is not accurate, it is recommended that we use title combination + precise words plus attribute words.

Full category platform

Coupang is a full-category platform, the best-selling category is very important, and it is also very important to understand the consumption characteristics of South Korea, which is helpful to improve the order rate of customers!


During the pre-measurement period, advertisements can be placed appropriately. On the one hand, traffic can be generated by looking at the click-through rate and conversion rate, so that the data can be optimized; on the other hand, due to the normal search traffic data, Coupang will not be displayed to the seller, but the advertising is provided with exposure and click-through rate data, which is beneficial for the seller to do individual product analysis and optimization.

Conversion aspect

In terms of conversion aspect, the details page determines whether the customer clicks in or not, we can learn from the domestic high-quality pages, the picture had better mark the function of the product, color and other highlights, Koreans pay more attention to these.

Click aspect

From the point of view of click, price, main picture, title, evaluation quantity, evaluation score, logistics timeliness, etc., determine whether the customer clicks, each of which is very important, we need to choose carefully according to the cultural details of Koreans.


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