About Us

Woospy — helps manage access to all your ecommerce tools in one place. It has established a good reputation among many sellers because of its neutrality and professionalism. Woospy focuses on sellers' needs and continuously collects and organizes over 300 necessary websites/tools for e-commerce sellers to operate a one-stop portal.

Key features:
1. First of all, Woospy has more than 300 e-commerce tools, collected by their categories. Business tutorials, product research tools, find suppliers, data analysis, keyword tools, SEO tools, advertising tools, affiliate marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, shipment tracking, payment methods, and much more. The whole category bar is designed to follow the logic of e-commerce business, which will definitely provide you with a lot of ideas if you are a newbie to the field.
2. Woospy also helps you to divide some tools into two categories. Amazon and e-comm shop websites. This will greatly help you save time in telling which one is more suitable for you when you're an Amazon seller or Shopify seller.
3. When you click on a tool, you can jump directly to the tool's official interface or the tool's secondary page, which is the interface consisting of various information about the tool collected by Woospy. The secondary page contains information, such as the tool's main features, pricing, pros and cons, and customer reviews. (This section is still being updated). You can use the information on the secondary page to gauge whether the tool is what you need directly.
4. More importantly, it supports customization, which means that you can not only add certain tools to your favorites directly on this website but also add tools from outside the website to the custom toolbar.

If you happen to need an e-commerce tool collection website like this, Woospy will be your best choice.