Product Research Amazon is a one-stop-shop for Amazon sellers, with seven sub-tools dedicated to finding profitable products and keywords across 11 Amazon marketplaces. is a one-stop-shop for Amazon sellers, with seven sub-tools dedicated to finding profitable products and keywords across 11 Amazon marketplaces.


  • Access to 100% of products.
  • Upto 300 Tracked products
  • More than 200 Tracked keywords
  • 300 Live researches per day
  • 90 Days of product history
  • Helps in Discover Organic Search Keywords
  • Fast and Intuitive User Experience
  • 6 Powerful Tools Inside 1 Member Area + Amazon Chrome Extension
  • Web App + Free Chrome Extension
  • Fast and Intuitive User Interface



  • They should add more products
  • Some users complained about bad support

Egrow is an all-in-one saw/are for Amazon sellers. Every day, it analyzes millions of products on the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data into easy-to-understand charts and panels.

Egrow aggregates seven marketing tools which conceptualize the work of the whole software and work in unity to produce accurate product search. Apart from that, you can also use Amazon product research Egrow Chrome Extension for free to accelerate your product search. Are these tools enough for a stellar performance or does there need to be an update of some features? 

Well, judging by superficial exploration, the available tools are sufficient for effective product scanning. But we need to dive deeper here, so let’s check what things Egrow lacks and what features comprise its key merits. 

1. Product Database

This tool is designed to enable entrepreneurs to analyze millions of products from Amazon and tap on the one with promising selling rates. Here you can apply filters and search top-performing items by categories. These include main categories by departments, sub-categories, price, estimated sales/revenue, net, weight, product size, seller type, title, brand and others. Note: you'll need to enter words in the subcategory manually, so if you don't know which phrase to search by, Egrow won't help you. 

2. Live Amazon Scanner

This feature implies tracking best-performing products by keywords. At first, you only need to select the department and enter a relevant keyword to get access to the real-life scanning of desired goods. You can also choose the number of products to show. Then, the Egrow tool displays overall statistics, calculating average numbers in price, weight, reviews, sales, revenue, etc.  

3. Saved Searches

Once you opt for a live Amazon scanner from Egrow, you have an opportunity to save all of your product searches, which will later be represented in a multicolored “saved searches” table. What this tool grant is access to operative comparison of various product groups according to typed keywords, a number of sales and other indicators. 

4. Product Tracker

In cases when Amazon sellers can't detect the product they need in the main database, Egrow comes for help. The tool promises to collect the relevant data of desired product 24 hours after you add its ASIN to Product Tracker. Hopefully, this Egrow feature will assist users in an in-depth exploration of products with all significant information regarding their properties.

5. Keyword & Niche Research Tool

This tool works pretty much like Product Database. You simply choose the product category, set pricing, estimated revenue, average reviews, and opportunity score parameters, along with the necessary keyword. Then, you contemplate the graphic stats. What is this Egrow tool used for? It’ll help you rank your items more operatively and, more importantly, cheaper. Yet, there's a disadvantage to this: the tool only parses keywords with low competition, meaning that you won't identify the top-performing ones.  

6. Reverse ASIN Research

Using this tool, Amazon merchants will be able to see and analyze competitors' products by keyword. All you need to do to access this data repository is to enter the product ASIN or URL. Once you complete these steps, you’ll be given the privilege of checking displayed keywords and discovering essential metrics. The latter feature allows you to get insights into the value of every keyword that pertains to sales, competitors, and market demand.

7. Rank Tracker

As the name of this tool suggests, you can monitor the ranking of competitors’ keywords on a daily basis. In addition to that, the Egrow feature allows you to check the performance of your own rankings based on specified time-period criteria. All the data is displayed visually in simple graphs so that sellers could plan their Amazon SEO strategy faster according to featured results.

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