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Google Analytics

Provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.
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Google Analytics

Thousands of people use Google Analytics every day for their website reporting. Besides being one of the most comprehensive analytics platforms on the web, Google Analytics is also 100% free, which is invaluable to a small business looking to get the most out of their online marketing spend.

After spending some time using Google Analytics, and learning about all it has to offer, you'll find it's difficult to rationalize the cost of a paid web analytics platform, such as Omniture.

Here are five key features of Google Analytics:

1. Traffic reporting

At the most basic level, Google Analytics is a traffic reporter. The service will tell you how many people are visiting your site each day. You can also track trends over time, which will influence your online marketing decisions.

2. Conversion tracking

Once you've identified conversion points on your website, (such as a contact form submission, e-commerce sale, or phone call), you can set them up for tracking in Google Analytics. You'll be able to see when someone converted, the traffic source that referred them, and more.

3. Keyword referrals

Have you ever wondered what people were searching for when they found your website? With Google Analytics, you'll be able to see what keywords people used to find you, which can heavily influence your website's SEO strategy.

4. Third party referrals

You'll be able to see what third party websites sent you traffic. This is useful, because you'll be able to see what sites are worth spending more time on, as well as if any new sites have started linking to yours.

5. Custom dashboards

Google Analytics gives you the ability to create semi-custom dashboards for your analytics. If seeing web traffic, conversions and keyword referrals are most important to you, you can add them to your dashboard. Your dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to your website's profile, and it can be exported into PDF and .CSV format for easily sharing your reports.

Pros: 1. Predictive Insights with AI learning
Google Analytics
A big part of the new system is prediction. Rather than simply reviewing and analysing your data after the fact, Google wants to offer the ability to predict future trends. By using highly complex machine learning models, Google is able to offer the chance to get ahead of your customers. Spotting trends as and before they happen can allow your business to be more immediately reactive to current demand. The new version also allows for new levels of integration with other Google marketing products, such as Google Ads. This integration and the machine learning combined mean you can analyse audiences on a deeper level so that you can give them content with which they are more likely to engage. Google Analytics 4 also allows for interactions from the web and any app you may have distributed to represent your business to be measured together, offering a full view of conversions from all your business’s marketing activities. 2. Customer understanding Google Analytics You should be able to achieve a greater customer understanding with GA4, thanks to its simplified view on customer reporting. This is now organised in such a way as to allow you to find data on the particular part or moment of the customer journey that is of interest. This offers the chance to further your knowledge of your sales funnel and identify areas in which may need improvement. 3. Long-term use in mind Google Analytics Google boasts that this new version is built with long-term use in mind. With the digital landscape having seen sweeping changes during COVID, companies want to do whatever it takes to remain competitive and to be able both to maintain their existing customers and to win new ones. With so much competition for services, customers have higher expectations of service levels that will need to be delivered to keep them happy. The new version of Analytics promises to help enable you to deliver that through its more detailed approach to data, offering up more data and more choice in terms of how and when you use it. Google hopes that the AI function of continuous learning will mean that regardless of what further rules and regulations may be instituted around privacy on the internet, holes in your data can be filled by their system.   Cons:  New system to understand and loss of user-friendly functionality Google Analytics
Google Analytics

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