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Algopix is a product research and analysis tool that provides you with accurate descriptions of a specific product. It also analyzes the product's demand level.

Algopix is a product research and analysis tool that provides you with accurate descriptions of a specific product. It also analyzes the product's demand level.

The main benefits of Algopix are predictive analytics, competition comparison, demand level calculation, and price comparison.

1. Predictive Analytics

Algopix helps you forecast the consumer demand of products by analyzing historical sales data and current happenings, then generating estimates of expected demand in the foreseeable future. An added benefit of demand forecasting is that it helps you optimize your prices. The software also helps you estimate your potential sales and profit, which helps you make smarter decisions about what, where, and when to buy and sell.

2. Competition Analysis

The software also offers a way for you to analyze how your business is faring versus your competitors. You can use the software for price benchmarking. When you compare your market prices and sales against your competitors, you can confidently decide whether to increase or decrease your market price in order to improve sales. Knowing which products you should sell helps you boost traffic to your sites and increase your revenue. This is a useful feature to have in data analysis software.

3. Demand Level Calculation

Algopix lets you know the demand level of a certain product using Algopix. It calculates the level by analyzing monthly data such as monthly sales on eBay, Amazon rankings, or Google searches.

4. Price Comparison
The software helps you decide from who and where to buy the product. For example, imagine that you are a business in the UK. You search for the product in Algopix to compare prices before buying. You find out that it is actually cheaper in the US market. However, when you see the shipping costs, it turns out that the price in the US market plus shipping from the US to the UK is actually significantly more expensive than just buying in the UK. In the end, you decide to just buy in the UK. This is a real-life example of how your company can benefit from Algopix.

Key Features

The tool offers a product search for:

  • unique product
  • Bulk Product: Up to 3,000 products that you can download via Excel
  • Product discovery: analysis of keywords in title, name, or brand


Supported markets

  • Algopix supports 16 different brands:
  • Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Canada
  • eBay: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia
  • Walmart: United States


Product search selection

  • For each product we can choose:
  • Product Day
  • Purchase price (in USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD)


Product search settings:

  • Include the shipping costs in the cost analysis
  • Include taxes in the cost analysis
  • Include Google AdWords analytics


Product filters

  • ID Type: ASIN, UPC, EAN13, eBay Item ID, Walmart Object ID or Keywords
  • Market Identification: Use the Algopix algorithm or the market algorithm itself
  • Product condition: new, used, overhauled
  • Execution: freight forwarders or FBA / MCF
  • Sent by: USA USA, UK or Australia
  • Price range included
  • Market selection: only 1 market or 16


Information about the product search

  • Therefore, the tool offers a selection for each product we are looking for
  • Product identifiers
  • Recommended market price
  • Spending details
  • competitive analysis
  • demand level
  • Estimated benefit
  • Total sales estimate


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  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Guest

    I got a substantial increase in my sales, Before Algopix I use to rely on competition analysis and on my gut while pricing and sourcing but I was unable to take optimal decision related to product pricing after sourcing them, using earlier option, I was facing issue like low demand or high pricing, this was making online sales difficult as I was getting low sales, i was hooked from the day I signed for Algopix trial version, It started taking just few seconds to get the information that was better with my previous method of doing task related to product market research, Using Algopix I was able to price my product at a competitive price, Very thanks to the insights I was able increase my sales at a great level and additionally able to add more product to my kitty and earned profit, thanks to Algopix.

  • Mason
    Mason Guest

    I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite tools to you while sourcing for Amazon FBA and eBay. It makes market research a breeze. It has also saved me a ton of work and a ton of money. Not to mention the research analysis results are always on point, across the board. I cannot thank Algopix enough. Good work guys.

  • Elijah
    Elijah Guest

    I needed a platform that could help me convert unique identifier codes quickly. Algopix does exactly that and more. I'm a huge fan.