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Keepa is a tool that is best known for tracking the history of every Amazon item's price and sales rank.

Keepa is a tool that is best known for tracking the history of every Amazon item's price and sales rank.

Keepa has a variety of features to support Amazon sellers. Some are free, and others you must pay to play.

Keepa's features provide details such as:

  • Graphs depicting broad statistics of price history.
  • Item availability and Price Drop alerts.
  • Once you have installed the Keepa browser extension, the price history graphs show directly on Amazon product pages.
  • Keepa allows you to compare millions of Amazon product prices internationally.
  • Users can import their Wish Lists.
  • Users can browse recent Price Drop overviews.
  • Keepa also supports a diverse set of domains, i.e. .com;; .de;; .fr; .ca; .it; .es; .in;;;


Keepa's best feature by far is its API, which is in the section of tools that is no longer free. This API is the service included in the Premium Subscription. This area behind the paywall gives you the big or full picture of what is going on with Amazon product pricing, rankings, history, and listings.

The API also allows you to ask for Amazon product availability and pricing in real time.

The following is the section of features it allows you to see:

  • Buy Box details and history
  • Price and Review Count history
  • Details for used and new items
  • Information on collectibles
  • Warehouse and other offers
  • Category information
  • Best Seller listings
  • Sales rankings
  • Tracking of price increases
  • eBay history of pricing

We count these factors among the tool's most essential features. If you are a dedicated Amazon seller, this is the information you'll need the most. Find out how Keepa compares with the CamelCamelCamel features.

The new structure and pricing of Keepa came into play in 2019.
The cost of the premium subscription is about €15 a month, or €149 per annum, as of 2020.

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  • Dennis
    Dennis Guest

    Keepa is an excellent tool to see current prices for Amazon items
    Includes analytics for over 800 million items
    Provides detailed graphs for an easy look at sales and pricing trends
    Accurate historical pricing information
    You will get alerts when Amazon prices change
    By and large, very user-friendly
    Pricing of the paid Keepa subscription is reasonable at about €15 per month

  • Tyler
    Tyler Guest

    The best features are no longer free
    It can take a little time to understand the graphs if reading them is not typically your thing