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Thieve is a daily updated list of the best finds on the direct to factory site AliExpress.

Thieve is a daily updated list of the best finds on the direct to factory site AliExpress.


Release checklist

  • The image, name, and the price of the product match the redirected product.
  • Products are redirected to the same product on Aliexpress.
  • Keyword search is shows matching search results.
  • Correct products are displayed in each product category
  • Products are listed in the correct order based on
  •  Validations for input boxes
  • Test notifications based on each notification preference
  • Error handling is proper and relevant page is displayed on errors
  • Every click performs defined actions.
  • Price conversions are correct for different currencies.
  • Typography and Layout of the content
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Terms of service and privacy policy etc are in place
  • Usability and performance testing
  • Social media buttons redirect to correct pages.





You simply need to follow the latest trends, monitor new products and seek inspiration from other successful stores out there.

You can then replicate this on your own store. Some of the easiest ways to find trending products include searching the best sellers category on Aliexpress, movers and shakers on Amazon and using my personal free favorite called, which is a community of Aliexpress shoppers that share new products.


If you want an even better tool then Sell The Trend offers a free 7 day trial to their premium site and offers over a million trending products with done for you targets, ads and more.

You can also find a successful Facebook store and under ‘Info and Ads’ on Facebook, you can view all their latest advertisements to see what they are promoting and get inspiration.

Lastly you can use platforms that share winning products with you. One of the most popular platforms currently is called Intelligyence which is a desktop platform for Windows or MAC and costs $19.95/mo.

Unfortunately you will have to find your own winning products. This is the hardest part about dropshipping and if done correctly will explode your bank account with commissions (if you have traffic too).

You’ll need to find a suitable supplier for your product on your platform of choice. I’d recommend buying the product yourself to test delivery time, quality, and for peace of mind. These can be offset as business purchases.

Once satisfied you can add the products to your Shopify store. Make sure you don’t copy and paste product descriptions. Write your own and sell the product to your visitors. Why do they need it, why should they buy from you?!

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  • Charles
    Charles Guest

    So much better than wading though the endless void that is Aliexpress. Cool products .

    Serious style at really good prices - so easy to use

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  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Guest

    It will compliment my Dropfied app perfectly.