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Commerce Inspector is a browser extension that shows deep under-the-cover insights about stores. Simply visit a store and click the extension to reveal top products, a...

Commerce Inspector is a browser extension that shows deep under-the-cover insights about stores. Simply visit a store and click the extension to reveal top products, apps, and trends.


  • A comprehensive extension with over 16 features to experience
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Provides outstanding platform analytics for product insights


  • The free plan is limited in the number of features
  • The premium versions are quite expensive
  • There's no tutorial available on the internet



As the massive growth of e-Commerce goes on, there are many more data analysis software offered in the market. But after all, Commerce Inspector remains its superior position as one of the leading spy hunt tools for beginners. Here are some of the most important features ofCommerce Inspector to explain why.Ease of use

1. There must be a reason why Commerce Inspector is ranked among the top hunt tools for e-Commerce beginners. The tool is provided with a user-friendly interface, especially the search feature is extremely simple and clean. All your needed information will be displayed once you click on the product (or the extension button on Google Chrome), and the Commerce Inspector will show all the relevant details about the respective online store, from product trends to store traffics or social links.

2. Comprehensive tracking

You can track the metrics from any of your competitor's online stores with Commerce Inspector, from trends, product catalogs, web traffics to other relevant information. In addition to the product-related data, Commerce Inspector also shows you information regarding different apps, tools, and themes adopted by your competitors on their e-commerce websites.

Besides metric tracking, the tool also helps gain a competitive edge and inspiration from your competitors’ ads campaigns whenever they are launched. These can be onsite promotional activities, SMS campaigns, email advertisement campaigns and all other types of advertisements.

3. Product niches

Product niche searches on Commerce Inspector are totally comprehensive. You can search for products in categories and sub-categories. The categories include toys, beauty and health, family, and pets. The sub-categories are not 100% related to your niche, but the tool will do its best job to match them as closely as possible.

After you get the search results, Commerce Inspector will allow you to filter your searches in many sections. These include the newest products, most orders, Facebook Ads, most Facebook Ad likes, Facebook Ad shares, and Facebook Ad reactions.

4. Product insights

Commerce Inspector's powerful product insights allow you to get inspiration from fast-selling products and many reports from big digital platforms such as Facebook Ads reports, AliExpress reports, Amazon reports or eBay reports. The product-level insights gathered include sales volume, launches, and categories. You can search for products by keywords across all shops.


Apart from the products and reports, you can also get to see the Geography and Device details as well as Targeting suggestions. This information can help you make decisions on planning your ads campaign for the highest potentiality of conversion.

5. Product sorting

The tool offers great assistance in locating the best products you can. And while exporting those product categories, you can readily locate the products on the left-hand side. If you are using its free version, then you are going to see that a number of the products are being locked by them since these are the distinctive goods and they only offer access to its premium and ultimate members only.




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