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D-Nicheur is a kind of toolbox for e-merchants doing dropshipping, which can help you find winners.



  • D-Nicheur offers different products every day and makes sure not to oversaturate the market
  • The app offers products that have already been tested and saves you testing time
  • It does more than just product sourcing as it offers examples of potential suppliers and Facebook Ads


  • Need to get on a paid plan for premium features
  • D-Nicheur is a great tool that can do simple things well enough. It generates tested and working product ideas, giving users marketing data and access to suppliers


1. A Winning Product Catalog
D-Nicheur gives its users three winning products every day. It's similar in some ways to Ecomhunt but what makes it stand out is the fact that they test the product themselves before offering it to their members.

2. Google Footprints
Google has a specific feature that may help you generate product ideas. It's called footprints and by using a very simple technique, you can get a list of all current Shopify stores.

Well, D-Nicheur takes that idea to the next level as they offer an opportunity to combine dozens of Google footprints.

The only downside is that there's a learning curve to this method.

3. Easy LLA Maker
Easy LLA Maker helps you find audiences connected to your niche on Facebook. It uses a simple script to generate the email addresses of members that belong to particular Facebook groups.

Once you do so, you can integrate those email addresses to similar audiences.

It has two plans which are for according to how many latest products do you want to get updates of every day.

  1. The first plan costs 20 dollars per month or 1,499.34 Indian rupees per month. In this plan, you will be able to view one new and in people's demand product every day.
  2. The second plan costs 30 dollars per month or 2,248.93 Indian rupees per month. In this plan, you will be able to access and view up to three latest and hot in the market products every single day.

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