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Printify is a transparent print-on-demand and dropshipping platform.

Printify is a transparent print-on-demand and dropshipping platform.


Printify has gathered many positive reviews. Here is why merchants love this tool.

  • Printify has a free pricing plan
  • They have a resourceful knowledge base and user guide
  • Product quality from print providers is excellent
  • Extensive database of over 250 products
  • Printify has about 90 order fulfillment facilities
  • They offer quality checks, reprints, and refunds.
  • Printify has a large and global network of print providers
  • The merchant support policies protect merchants



Some of the issues you will experience while using this tool include:

  • Customer service is slow and unresponsive
  • Limited platform and online marketplace integrations
  • Customizations and branding options are limited
  • Printify


1. Brand Customization

Printify branding service
Printity offers white labeling and custom branding services which are great features. If you sign up for custom branding, the Printify brand Printify won’t appear on the box or on the shipping mark. Many of Printify ‘s print providers provide T-shirt printing and branding solutions for neck labels. Fifth Sun and DTG2GO are the most well-known print vendors who offer this option.

You can also design your own shipping label to highlight your brand. You can also enhance customer service with brand customization choices. The shipping label shows the name of your company or store and the return address. You can change the shipping label details from the Store Setup section in your Printify dashboard.

2. Printify Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Storage and inventory management are key business cost components. Warehousing comes with its own risks and costs and remains a big concern. But dropshipping products to consumers will help to reduce the need to retain inventory. Using Printify, you can customize, ship, and sell goods without maintaining inventory.

When you sell a product, Printify sends the package to a printing provider. After printing, the printer will ship the item to your client, irrespective of the type of the product. Just acquire your orders, choose your printing provider, and relax. Printify will handle inventory and fulfill orders for you.


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  • Samuel
    Samuel Guest

    Overall I had a great experience, and would shop again!