China largest sourcing platform is a sister website of It's one of China's leading online business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces, with 120 million users and 10 million companies listing their products on the site. There are 49 main categories of goods.'s price-sensitive buyers are particularly interested in UK food, beverage and cosmetics. Alibaba has established a tool that allows companies to load their products themselves. For more information please apply below.


1. BIG is the BIGGEST online wholesale market in China. It has the most factory resources and the most wholesale products. You can find whatever you need there.

2. Consistent

Unlike offline wholesale markets, many suppliers on offer the consistent supply, which makes it easy to reorder. This is a big advantage for online retailers like Amazon sellers. Many suppliers also keep stock (inventory). 

3. Low MOQ (minimum order quantity)

Compared to offline wholesale markets or manufacturers, many suppliers on offers lower MOQ. 

4. Transparent Price

Transparent prices on make price comparison very easy. Buyers can select the right supplier faster.

5. Original Sources

1688 makes it easier for buyers to find origin sources/factory for certain products in certain areas.

For example, most of the sunglasses are made in Taizhou; while 80% of non-woven bags in China are produced in Cangnan.

6. Buyer Protection offers a credit points system to protect buyers. Sellers account can be suspended or eventually closed if they violate certain rules (discrepancy, defects, delay...) . 

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  • Douglas
    Douglas Guest have been up to expectations, in terms of their policy, rules for delivery, the delivery processes and much more. Cost of goods is also less compared to other online website, and also easy to navigate.

  • Christian
    Christian Guest

    The website is great, but finding products isn't easy especially if you don't understand Chinese, compare with amazon, see the site interface, if the interface were better, then more persons could buy. Moreover, there are some fake sellers other site.