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Doba is an online drop shipping company that helps online retailers stay organized and make a profit through retail sales.

Doba is an online drop shipping company that helps online retailers stay organized and make a profit through retail sales.



  • Easy to use platform
  • Educational resources and tools
  • Personalized member communication
  • Marketing support provided
  • No credit card information required on trial


  • High membership cost
  • Delayed support services on basic plan
  • Full benefits on enterprise package only
  • High product prices

1. Doba Integration
This is a feature that allows you to put the Doba system into your store. The Doba app or integration system works in over 100+ platforms like Shopify.

Doba calls these partners shopping carts.

What happens is you can choose Doba as your supplier, so when you process the orders, you do not have to log out from your online store. Doba will become part of your control panel, and you will have a one-stop shop where you can process the orders.

2. Doba research

1). Supplier Product Inventory Alerts
The good news is that Doba pre-screens and pre-selects the inventory available for you to sell. That means they’ve done a lot of hard work to identify good products.

2). Data Reports with Full Customization
All of your sales data is stored on the Doba dashboard, meaning that you as the business owner can always access this information by simply logging online.

3). Curated Doba Product Lists
Some sellers do not have the time to research for products to sell. What Doba does for these busy people is to have a ready-made list of products to sell in specific niches.

4). A Scorecard for All Suppliers (AliExpress, Worldwidebrand, Dropshipping Usa,..)
If you've ever tried dropshipping through places like AliExpress, you know that finding reputable suppliers isn't exactly the easiest task.

Doba is a whole different story because each supplier has a report card with detailed performance data from the past.


This way, you can make a decision based on what research Doba has already done for you. Think of Doba as your personal gatekeeper who makes sure that you don't get stuck with a supplier that flakes out.

When you look at the performance data from a supplier you can check everything from fulfillment rates to processing times and return policies to shipping carrier options. It truly is one of the most valuable assets for a dropshipping operation.



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  • Thomas
    Thomas Guest

    Scammer Experts these guys at Doba are just a bunch of stammers trying to sell to sellers at up to 2x markup for some items.NEVER buy from them ANYTHING!

  • Charles
    Charles Guest

    Pathetic service, once you signup they will scam you . You will not be able to open your account and suddenly they charge without trial, It I could give zero star!

  • Paul
    Paul Guest

    We were needing a service with doba, and today received service from Wade who knew exactly what was needed, and he stayed with us until our need was met. He did excellent work in resolving our issue, and we give him 100 percent in knowledge, effort, patience, skill, and expediency. He knows his lob well, and we are very pleased with his service.