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Wholesale2B is a web-based dropshipping tool for managing online stores.

Wholesale2B is a web-based dropshipping tool for managing online stores.

Wholesale2b is a highly reliable and low-cost dropshipping solution with a long list of benefits. However, it does have a small number of disadvantages which need to be considered. For example, Wholesale2b does not offer a free trial or a fixed number of free listings with the eBay and Amazon plans. Furthermore, with a limited number of US suppliers and no international shipping, Wholesale2b is most suited to those who are looking to dropship within the USA. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the main pros and cons for your consideration.


  • Hundreds of leading US suppliers
  • Millions of high-quality products
  • Genuine trade only wholesale prices
  • Free to access directory of suppliers
  • Low-cost plans for automation features
  • Compatible with multiple selling channels
  • Trusted by over 100k ecommerce sellers


  • Mostly US-based dropship suppliers
  • No international shipping options
  • No customised packaging options
  • 3% order processing fee (optional)


Wholesale2b is packed full of essential features for building a fully scalable and automated dropshipping business. From bulk product importing to automated inventory management and one-click ordering, everything you need to start dropshipping on the most popular eCommerce channels is right at your fingertips. In fact, you can source products from multiple dropshipping suppliers and sell on multiple channels using one central dashboard.

  • Over 100 leading dropshipping suppliers and 1 million products
  • Free access to the directory of suppliers (no credit card required)
  • Push products to your online store or marketplace in seconds
  • Fully automated inventory management including repricing
  • Process orders in bulk through your Wholesale2b dashboard
  • Low-cost monthly plans with unlimited listings and orders

Professional dropshipping store building service with hosting.


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  • Nathan
    Nathan Guest

    I don't know that dropshipping is dead, but the other posters are correct that competition is super high now. I tried drop shipping for a little bit but had very little success with it. I guess I couldn't find the right niche or market myself effectively enough. If you're looking for U.S. suppliers, is a good place to get started if you're a beginner. Good luck!
    The next two I’m currently setting up are CustomCat and WholeSale2B. The latter one has a 7 day trial before they charge me. But I’m okay with the charge since they have about 10K products and they seem to have what I want. I just wanna see if they can deliver.
    A couple of these companies have the option of a free trial. So I suggest to try them out (most of the trials can be used without having to use your credit card details). The amount of companies depends on where you live. For example these companies have a more wholesalers and dropshippers in the USA than they have in the Netherlands for example so I should send each company a email on how many wholesalers they have (in the country you live). Another tip I want to give you is check Salehoo out. They are by far the cheapest of all those companies.
    I have experience with both Wholesale 2b and AliExpress. If you want better lead time to customers but don't mind limiting yourself to the USA market then wholesale2b is the better route. AliExpress has pros as well in terms of cost per unit and you'd be surprised at how quick the shipping can be, especially when using ePacket to the USA. I've had a shipment go from China to the USA in 7 days and the shipping was FREE!

  • Peter
    Peter Guest

    Wholesale2b offers competitive prices and penty of customizable plans. They also have handy selling tools to streamline product uploads and order. fulfillment.
    Howeer, those features are locked behind paywalls a. subscription fws (ie. the 3% processing fee). You'll also get a limited product catalog a. lackluster customer support.
    While Wbolesale2b provides plenty of flexibility and automatioc some of its competitors clo a better job. If you're looking for a drop shipping company to partner with, you might want to check out the alWrnatives we've reviewed.