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Alibaba is an online B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world can connect and carry out transactions. is an online B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world can connect and carry out transactions.


The number one benefit of using is you have instant access to a countless number of global suppliers who sell just about any product known to man, and you can normally find low wholesale pricing. This can mean big profits by buying your supplies at rock bottom prices and selling at premium retail prices.

Another nice thing about is they do a good job of organizing products and categories so you can find what you want fast. For example, clicking "coffee" in the food category leads to a list of options that can be compared and there are filters on the side to narrow down the options even further. Additionally, this list has a familiarity to it as it looks similar to eBay, meaning American businesses will feel at home very quickly. This layout, use of community features, and their messaging system give Alibaba a friendly look and feel.


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  • Vincent
    Vincent Guest

    Easy to source products from multiple... Easy to source products from multiple suppliers. Guaranteed delivery of product, no worries. Good prices and quality.

  • Ralph
    Ralph Guest

    Company did a great job of communicating and providing a good product. They replaced items damaged in shipping with no problems.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Guest

    This process was not fair. After responding many times with evidence of incorrect equipment shipped including pictures, detailed description and even an offer of settlement that items shipped were not what was ordered. This should have been an easy decision., you ordered x and were shipped V. However, the final decision was •Unfortunately we did not receive your feedback within the time after checking with you." Which is not true. I even replied to an email sent directly from the judge. The evidence never changed. The first reply to requests for evidence showed direct evidence of incorrect product. That never changed although there were repeated request for the same evidence. Simon, the named judge also said during their deliberation that replacing the items for the correct items would be expensive for the supplier. I would think the judge's only concern should be did the supplier deliver what was ordered? If the answer is No then rule for the buyer. Obviously the "Trade Assurance is scam. Maybe in other situations the process is judged fairly. In my opinion "Trade Assurance. is set up to get buyers to send money to suppliers before the buyer receives the product ordered implying a protection which obviously is a scam

  • Alan
    Alan Guest

    It takes time for you to find a good... It takes time for you to find a good supplier and you need to know you stuff when dealing on this platform. Be realistic about your prices they need to make a profit like you and don't think about yourself, be patient and never get aggressive. If you don't like something just move on but keep notes