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Inventory Source is a dropship inventory and order management software that lets you add products, sync inventory, and route orders to dropship providers from nearly a...

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  1. Flexible Services: Inventory Source provides a variety of services, including inventory and order automation as well as personal storefronts powered by TurnKey and Shopify, and you can pick and choose which ones you want.
  2. Vast Product Selection: Inventory Source gives you access to hundreds of top-tier suppliers and over 1,000,000 products, and would gladly assist you in locating products or distributors that aren't already on their list.
  3. Full Inventory and Order Automation: Inventory Source gives you access to hundreds of top-tier suppliers and over 1,000,000 products, and would gladly assist you in locating products or distributors that aren't already on their list.
  4. Free Access Account: You can use a free account for as long as you like to examine the supplier directory, community features, and other features before you start selling with Inventory Source.



  1. Separate Fee Per Supplier: If you obtain things from many suppliers or sell on multiple marketplaces, you'll need to pay additional fees if you use the most basic plan, which allows you to link one supplier's product feed with one sales channel.
  2. No Market Research Tools: Inventory Source, unlike many of its competitors, will not assist you in scouting the competition or determining the profitability of your products, among other things.
  3. Inventory source

1. When it comes to Inventory Source's features, the first is an automatic site. Yes, Inventory Source allows you to construct an autonomous website that works on autopilot and is housed on its own servers.

2. You can also import files or integrate supplier data that is not currently available on the platform, which is a fantastic feature of Inventory Source. As a result, you can continue to employ your current supplier while still using the platform to automate dropshipping.

Inventory source

3. The biggest feature we've discovered in Inventory Source is that there are no intermediaries or, to put it another way, no middlemen. This is accomplished, according to Inventory Source, by "not labeling a product and offering the same price as the supplier."

They also work directly with suppliers to“enable bulk reductions, unique brand access, seasonal offers, a true model, and a relationship to grow your business," according to the company.

Inventory source


Inventory source

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  • Joe
    Joe Guest

    I've been paying for Inventory Source since February and my store is still not web developer wants me to fix the categories but I can't figure it out on my own. It's hard to get help the same have to schedule a call for the next day or the day after which is very frustrating. When | had my onboarding call, I was very unsure of the entire process so didn't get to use my time well. I've been paying a lot for this service and think it would work great if it was set up properly.

  • Russell
    Russell Guest

    I've been using Inventory Source since | started my company BBG Marine Electronics 12 years ago.IS has always provided excellent service and accurate data feeds.

  • Louis
    Louis Guest

    My company, has used Inventory Source for around 10 years or more before current ownership. It is a vital part of our online business. They have greatly improved their system, website and added new data services. Unfortunately, over the years, we have encountered many issues with their core product, which is their supplier's data feeds, which have been plagued by inaccuracies, such as incorrect stock counts, products still in the feed that was discontinued the stock still showing and other numerous issues too many to explain. These inaccuracies between what their feed and the supplier show, have cost us real money with order cancellations, refunds (eat credit card and PayPal transaction fees). Not to mention customer disappointment. Order cancelations caused by these issues also damage my company's integrity and trustworthiness. In addition, when there are issues, their support sometimes fixes them and explains reasons, but numerous times, they say they cannot find the problem and their solution is to do a full feed update. Lately, we have not had that many issues with data in our supplier feed. So, Inventory Source is a mixed bag for us both good and not so good, but we need them.