Maximize profit by finding the ideal price for your product and niche.
Test how pricing affects your rankings and conversions.
Track total revenue increases due to split tests. Upload multiple images, titles and descriptions and run automated tests.
Generate more sales and revenue for your business. Optimize your product listing to appeal to your most profitable customers.

Save loads of time with Splitly’s various automated algorithms and processes
Automated split testing
Pricing optimization features
Get higher rankings
Find the right niche for your products
Increase profits by about 20%
Loads of extra supportive resources
Easy to read split testing results graphs on how the various aspects your listing is performing
Support via email if you run into any problems
Fair refund policy if you are not happy
Monthly costs can be pricey at the top end of Splitly.com’s offerings.
Splitly does not have a free trial offer.
As algorithms and AI examine all the data, you may miss out on more personal or humanistic information as to which aspects of a variation appealed to a client.

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