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If you struggle to understand some of your eCommerce figures, this tool is great for you. It allows you to see and compare your growth, best-selling products, the value of your inventory, and profit margins in your shop.

This information helps you know what products add value to your website and which have fewer sales. That way, you can optimize your site for the best sales and rating on Amazon marketplaces.

Best of all, the dashboard keeps all this information in a centralized location. You won’t have to sort pages of graphs and reports to understand product performance or competitor trends.

Inventory Forecast
One of the most useful tools that Shopkeeper offers is predicting which items in your store will sell at what time.

This projection makes it easy to keep your inventory stocked and not run out of any products. It also ensures that you don’t get items that aren’t useful and waste money.

The forecast also has an indirect benefit. It helps you get a 5 stars rating from your Amazon customers as it ensures they won’t have a long wait time because you’ve accidentally run out of a product. With the inventory forecasting, you can streamline operations and ensure you’re not playing catch-up—you’re ahead of the market trends.

Profit Tracking
If you struggle to understand how your business sales drive profit, this feature will benefit your store. It allows you to see what the sales and profits have been over time, letting you compare products and decide which work for you and which don’t.

Once you know how to look for trends, it’s much easier to optimize sales on Amazon. Shopkeeper is a great option if you need support in this area.

Learning Resources
One of the most rewarding things about Shopkeeper is that it helps you improve your understanding of Amazon marketplaces and business. It gives you a great free list of podcast and software recommendations that help you look more deeply into issues and improve your customer relationships.

Ultimately, these resources help you increase profit in a wider sense. It gives you the sort of insights that would otherwise require years of trial-by-error.

If you would like to improve your business savvy to get hundreds of 5 stars reviews, this is a great feature for you.

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