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Semrush is an online visibility management software-as-a-service platform.


1. Easier Monitoring and Management of Online Visibility

Semrush makes it easy for you to gauge how visible your brand and content are on the web. With it, you can see your traffic and keywords you compete for relative to your competitors. Plus, you get to see keywords you can compete across different channels. There are other visibility tools, including a CPC map, domain comparisons, brand monitoring, on-page SEO checker, backlink audit tool, and organic traffic insights, among many others. With Semrush, you will be able to monitor and track your online visibility with just a few clicks. Also, this is both for organic and paid searches. 

2. Improved Content Marketing

Semrush also helps you optimize your content marketing. Firstly, it does this by letting you know which keywords you “own” and which ones you can compete for. Secondly, it has this Content Analyzer feature that does not only measure your content’s SEO but also social performance. This analyzes user behavior, your social impact like shares, and identifies websites that link to your content. Furthermore, its SEO Writing Assistant feature helps you optimize your content for your target keywords and check them for plagiarism. This feature works on your Google Docs add-on, WordPress plug-in, and even on Semrush itself. 

3. Integrated Social Media Marketing with SEO

Semrush has social media tools within its system. Hence, it encourages digital marketers to incorporate social media marketing with their SEO efforts by default. Social media marketing features allow you to monitor your brand mentions, brand reputation, and interactions. You can even conduct competitive analysis and leverage it for a better strategy. Not only that, Semrush makes it easy for you to post on any social media platform via its interface, but it also helps you analyze publishing trends over a time period. With Semrush, you can easily integrate your social media marketing with SEO as it should be. 


4. Better PPC Campaign Management

Semrush doesn’t just let you monitor organic search results. It also helps you strategize, prepare, and execute PPC campaigns. It collects keywords via multiple channels and even helps you cross-match negative keywords. This is available within the interface. And, this helps you exclude search terms and focus on those that matter to your audience. Also, if you are new to PPC, Semrush provides a Recommendation tool that helps you remove duplicates and unnecessary elements. This is essential to professionals new to PPC and helpful to experts. 

5. Enhanced PLA Performance

With Semrush, you can manage your product listing ads in Google Shopping campaigns better. Why? This module allows you to be competitive against rivals. Yes, Semrush allows you to define your Google Shopping competitors and check how many keywords you have with them in common with just a few clicks. Once you see which keywords triggering competitor’s PLAs to appear in paid search results, you can finetune your tactics to eat up their shares. Moreover, with this tool, you will get to see how other successful companies optimize their PLAs. 

6. Simplified Creation of Easy-To-Understand Reports 

On Semrush, you can gather all the data and export them to a professional-grade PDF report. Plus, you can customize it quite easily. You can add branding images and even commenting features. You can do this without leaving your Semrush interface. Everything can be done well inside. Moreover, you can share and distribute your report via a direct link or email. This ensures that everybody on your team will be updated. Plus, you can even schedule your report to go out regularly if you’d like. This is perfect for web-based companies and, especially for, digital marketing agencies and consultants. 

7. Vast Keyword Database

Semrush allows you to conduct keyword searches with its updated databases, helping you build your own SEO and PPC campaigns. This way, you’ll have access to accurate and relevant data for your keyword research. Semrush offers over 20 billion keywords, making it the largest keyword database on the market.

8. Accurate Data for Search Volume

All Semrush users can buy as many additional keywords as needed, without any need for upgrading plans or installing add-ons. Semrush offers basic tracking functionalities with its position tracking tool, which comes handy for SEO specialists.

9. SEO Reporting

With Semrush, you can create visually appealing reports in PDF format, as well as white label and branded reports that you can use in tracking all the important KPIs that you need.

10. Unique SEO Tools


Semrush offers a wide array of unique tools that you can use to take your marketing content to the next level. It has content optimization, SEO writing assistant, on-page SEO checker, post tracking, SEO content template, content audit, and brand monitoring features. In addition, Semrush provides you with a detailed analysis of toxic backlinks, scores, and markers.


1.  Domain Overview

Possibly the best feature of SEMrush is the domain overview tool. Here you can view key website statistics of your own company, or literally ANY other website: your local competitors, national competitors, or your all-time dream company. Get insights on what you are currently doing well or view what your competitors are doing to see where you can improve. Simply enter the domain you are interested in and SEMrush will present easy-to-read data and graphs on organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, and display advertising.

2.  Position Tracker

The position tracking tool from SEMrush is definitely our favorite! Compile a list of your most important keywords - the products or services you offer - that you would like to rank on the first page of Google. Make sure to select desktop or mobile and choose your service area - this can be a country, state, city, or a zip code. The position tracking tool will then show you where you are currently ranking in your specified area and if your keywords are included in any SERP features. You will see search volume data, what page the keywords are ranking on, and the position difference between your selected time periods. This allow us to do Live SEO Sessions with our clients which is a game changer. 

 The best part? You can add competitors and see where they are ranking for the same keywords. Under Rankings Distribution, you will see which keywords you have in the top 3 positions, top 10 positions, top 20 positions, and top 100 positions, and where you stand against the competition. We love this tool because it helps visualize which keywords need work and it shows how any SEO edits impact the site.

3. Traffic Analysis

In addition to understanding what keywords you are ranking for on Google and what page of Google is showing up for each keyword, it is important to evaluate website traffic. Who is visiting your website and where are they coming from? With the traffic analytics tool, SEMrush shows how many site visits you had for a specified time period. Additionally, you will see average stats for how many pages were viewed each visit, how long a user stayed on the site, and the bounce rate. You can view trends by device, traffic sources, and other options as well.

4.  Keyword Research

Discover everything you need to know about your website's current keywords and find information on both organic and paid search trends with SEMrush keyword research tools. You can use this tool for optimizing current campaigns, but definitely want to use it when creating a new SEO or PPC campaign. Simply enter a keyword or phrase you are interested in, and you will see its search volume, difficulty, average cost per click, keyword variations, questions, and related keywords. By looking at this data, you can decide whether the keyword is one you want to fight for or if a different variation of the keyword may be a better fit.

5.  Market Insights

Another way to gain a competitive advantage is by looking at market insights. Simply enter who you believe is the top company in your industry to the market explorer tool, and SEMrush will identify industry competitors, labeling them as either game changers, niche players, established players or leaders. This helps you understand who your true ‘role models’ are in the industry and what you can do to gain more market share. You will see which domains get the most site visits, the market’s general traffic generation strategy, and even audience demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and geo location.

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