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SellingExpress is a management software that provides refined operation for cross-border e-commerce sellers. 

Key Features

  1. Listing
    The system provides product publishing and editing functions.
  2. Order and Inventory Management
    Print label and upload tracking numbers for FBM orders, and support dozens of third party logistics.
  3. Restock Inventory
    The purchase plan is generated by FBA replenishment calculation, and the complete purchasing and inventory management process is provided. The process of FBA Shipment creation, label printing, packing and warehousing is also provided.
  4. Feedback/Reviews
    SellingExpress enables the user to send seller feedback request emails to their Amazon customers ,Automated Feedback Request,Customizable Email Templates.
  5. PPC management
    Regular price adjustment, according to the effect of automatic adjustment of bidding, so as to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising.
  6.  Multi-Channel
    FBM orders or third platform orders are shipped through FBA.
  7. Data analysis
    SKU profit analysis combines Amazon's settlement data, PPC advertising fees, product costs and freight.
  8. Other service
    Provide free trial, Chinese customers provide door-to-door training services. 

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