PPC Scope is an Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) advertising analytics and optimization platform.

Sellers can use PPC Scope to improve ad performance, compare performance between organic and PPC, improve audience targeting, reduce ad spend and increase sales.

PPC Scope


  • PPC Scope is continuously improving and updating the software.
  • The tool is easy to use, and its detailed and free tutorials make it easy to get up and running.
  • The tool comes with 24/7 personalized customer service.
  • PPC Scope subscribers get access to a private Facebook group that keeps them abreast of any changes to the Amazon algorithm and software updates.
  • The tool helps you automate your campaigns and save time.
  • It comes with detailed dashboards to monitor your campaign performance.
  • The data is easy to filter and navigate.


  • The pricing can be much more expensive for newbies because you’ll pay for the platform and the campaign manager.
  • It can sometimes be inflexible because you need to fit your campaign to the PPC Scope platform’s scope.
  • Prices are variable based on the size of your business, which means you continue to pay more as your business grows.

PPC Scope

As described earlier, the PPC Scope is a campaign management and market intelligence software that helps you optimize your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns. It can provide you the data and tool needed to maximize profits and minimize ad spend via the following features:

PPC Scope

  • Remove negative keywords.
  • Increase the bids on keywords with proven performance.
  • Show keywords performance in the range from best to worst performing.
  • Show the profits per keyword, ad group, and campaign.
  • Provide training that improves your Amazon selling expertise.

PPC Scope

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