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Social Ad Scout

Access millions of social ad examples from around the world.

Social Ad Scout is a powerful tool that helps you reach out to your target audiences via social media, while testing social ads without any coding knowledge. If you want a leg up over the competition, it's one of the most commendable tools with impressive results and detailed performance, among other clever features.

Social Ad Scout


  • Covers desktop and mobile ads with cross-device ad variations
  • Covers all ad formats: video, text, images, carousel, and more
  • Shows ads from major markets and other countries
  • Uses residential IP addresses to beat cloakers and get to the destination link
  • Shows actual landing pages that you can download
  • Exact targeting directly from ads
  • Search result is fast and shows live ads and actual ad screenshots
  • Great user interface
  • Simple and easy to access tools
  • Detailed search filter



  • May be pricey
  • Limited to track ads from only 21 countries compared to other tools

Social Ad Scout

Aside from the Filter and Result tools, Social Ad Scout has several other features that you may find useful.

1.  Residential IP Addresses

Social Ad Scout is aware of Link Cloaking and how it obstructs you from finding your competitor’s actual Landing Page. For this reason, they employ Residential and Carrier IP addresses to bypass cloakers and provide you with the original Lander Address.

2.  Ad Archives

Some advertisers simply embed a video into a Live Ad as a strategy to keep from being copied. This way, if the Ad is deleted, then you cannot retrieve the details.

Social Ad Scout saves all the Ads in their own servers so you can access them whether or not they have been deleted.

3.  Real-time Ad Updates

Most of the other spy tools in the market update their dashboard periodically.

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout, on the other hand, has Real-Time Updates. As soon as a new Ad goes up on Facebook or Instagram, you will see it on the dashboard.

4.  Live Ads and Screenshots

Whenever you are viewing a Live Ad, Social Ad Scout also provides Screenshots so you can carefully see the details.

Social Ad Scout

From the screenshots, you can copy-paste whatever you need or just go to the destination URL and download the lander.

5.  Links to Actual Ads

In addition to screenshots, Social Ad Scout shows you finer details about the Ad including:

  • The number of times the Ad has been seen
  • When the Ad was created
  • A timeline of when the Ad was first seen and the last time it was seen
  • Minimum positioning
  • The period of time the Ad has been running
  • Age and gender of the viewers and whether or not they are in relationships
  • Country of origin
  • Devices used

Social Ad Scout

6.  Landing Page Details

When you scroll further down the page, you will find Landing Page details including:

  • List of all the Redirects
  • Screenshots of the destination
  • Observations of the Landing Page (Alexa Ranking, Times Seen, First Seen, Last Seen, and Host)

Social Ad Scout

Below the observations, you will see a list of Outbound URLs if any.

By clicking the Other Ads button, you will see all the other Ads posted by the same advertiser.

7.  Downloadable Landing Pages

This is probably the coolest feature of Social Ad Scout.

You can download any of the Landing Pages you like.

That’s not all, you get all the Supporting Creatives including images, content, videos, and templates in a neat compressed file.

8.  Favourites

If you happen to like a certain Ad, you can add it to your Favorites List for later reference.

9. More additional features:

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout offers a Premium membership at $147 a month.

If this subscription is too high, be on the lookout for Group Buys and Coupons from popular affiliate sites.

Beware that an account can be rejected for one reason or the other. So, be honest in your application form. If your account is rejected, you will receive a full refund.

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