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The largest searchable database of facebook and instagram ads in the world.

AdSpy is a world-renowned ad spy tool, which is in a leading position in the industry and is authoritative. The powerful software keeps top advertisers innovating and holds social media organizations to account for their content.



  • You can find any ad on facebook you want via a keyword.
  • See which ads/products are working
  • For me, it’s also important to know what doesn’t work on facebook
  •  great for eCom owners and Affiliate marketers
  •  accurate demographics, you can see the targeting of an ad and see what’s working
  •  the largest pool of data among all spy tools
  • 24/7 customer service
  • You can scan for starting trends, which is impossible with cheaper competitors because they don’t have the same data as AdSpy.


  • I don´t want to look biased, but I had a hard time thinking about the cons of AdSpy. So maybe the regular price of 149$ is a little bit too much for beginners.

1. Enhanced Basic Search

This is one of the necessary features having broad functionality. Via this, you can search using text in the ad, name of the advertiser, total number of likes, type of media it uses, etc. After it, sort the appeared results using clever filters such as

  • When was the ad last seen?
  • How do users react?
  • Which ad is the longest running?

2. Search through Comments

Using the comment search option you can search for the ad using their comments. Search via ad comments using your important keywords, track competitors’ brands or your own products, or verify the ad’s positive or negative feedback.


3. Accurate Demographics

With the help of its unrivaled network of providers, AdSpy can exactly review an ad that is trying to aim depending on their location, sexual category, and age range. All of your competitors that are targeting a specific region and across markets will never imagine that AdSpy can revile all of them.

4. Calling Affiliates

With the help of this tool, one can easily find ads by an affiliate network, or search for precise affiliates and offers. In order to see how others are promoting ads, you can search via the Offer ID. AdSpy will also help you bypasses the cloakers, hence all the insights provided by this software are flawless and straight from the landing pages.

So, it is clear that AdSpy is one of the unique ways to do AdSpy. It is packed with more search features and more data than any other rival. But it is not the end, as AdSpy is cheaper too. It offers almost unlimited usage for just $149/Month.

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