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The Market Health Affiliate Network allows you to market and promote the world's leading health and beauty offers on the net.

The Market Health Affiliate Network allows you to market and promote the world's leading health and beauty offers on the net.

It's FREE to join - you don't have to pay anything to become an affiliate, that's the biggest indication of the company's legitimacy.
The network is wide-recognized as the global leader in the health and beauty industry - it's been working and developing steadily in the past 20 years.
Quite easy and simple to work with - once you sign up, it won't take you long to choose an offer to promote.
High commissions rate - 50%, which basically means that you'll earn anything between $30-$70 per action, lead, or a sale.
Make money faster - you're allowed to cash in your commissions twice a month.
An opportunity to skyrocket your commissions - if you generate more than 20 sales a day, you'll be in a position to negotiate higher rates.
Your landing pages are language-specific - considering that the products are separated in categories depending on your geographical location, the landing pages you'll be provided with will be in the region's local language - how useful is that?
A 30-day cookie's duration for all the products - that's pretty awesome compared to Amazon's 24 hours, isn't it?
Market Health uses the best tracking software in the industry - they have partnered with Has Offers, a proven leader in real-time affiliate tracking.
Plenty of exclusive offers to promote - the network will let you choose from more than 200 health and beauty products to earn from.
Tons of help with your campaigns - as an affiliate you'll have access to the network's toolbox - landing pages, banners, etc.
Recurring commissions - do the sale once and get paid for it over and over again!

You can't use the network as a merchant/vendor - which is not much of a con when you're focused on being a blogger and affiliate markete

You will get instant approval. You can start earning from the day 1.
The cookie period is 30 days. When a visitor clicks on the link and purchases with 30 days, you get paid.
The affiliates have the access to the tools like API and Pixels/Postbacks.
You can track the conversions, referrals and revenue in the real time.
The Market Health offers best discounts. You will receive updates in the newsletters.
Once you join this affiliate program, you will have a dedicated account manager.

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