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Captain Bi

Maximize profits with sales analytics, profit analytics and intelligence seller tools

Captain BI is a business intelligence platform that delivers the essential tools needed by online sellers to run an efficient, profitable, and successful business on Amazon. You can access and analyze key pieces of information for different Amazon marketplace accounts, stores, and products in one place. These include sales, revenue, costs, and advertisement. 

Captain Bi

Captain Bi

Profit Maximization

Captain BI enables you to keep track of sales data in real-time so you can determine and improve how you generate profits for your Amazon business. You can analyze data on sales, revenues, profits, orders, refunds, and costs for an individual or multiple marketplaces, seller accounts, stores, or products. For instance, you’ll find out which specific ASINs are performing well based on the number of orders placed or the number of revenues or profits made within any range of dates. 

With its profit report tools, you can calculate and analyze all expenses affecting your profit margins, including Amazon marketplace fees, FBA storage and return fees, refunds, COGs, and advertising costs. You can evaluate the profitability of your Amazon marketplace accounts or ASINs in terms of various cost metrics and quickly make the right decisions.

Captain Bi

Seller Tools

The business intelligence platform is built with tools that aid you to become a more intelligent, competitive, and successful Amazon seller. It has a keyword research tool that provides you with detailed and valuable information about keywords used by visitors and shoppers on Amazon. You can view the search volumes and trends, sales rates, best sales seasons or periods, and listings of all significant keywords. This way, you can use keywords in your Amazon product listings that are more likely to convert potential buyers and generate sales and profits.

You’ll be able to easily conduct product research as well.  Captain BI gives you the ability to track updates and changes about the products your competitors are selling, like price modifications, bestseller rankings, product variant-specific keywords, product feedback, and review ratings. You can adjust and optimize your own product strategies, listings, and store dynamics based on such data.

Amazon PPC Campaign 

Captain BI also gives you a quicker and smarter way to handle your PPC campaigns running through Amazon Sponsored Ads. You can monitor and update all of your Amazon PPC campaigns and ads across multiple stores from within the platform. Captain BI generates reports that present essential metrics on the performance of your campaigns and ads.  Furthermore, it lets you automatically place bids on ads and ad placements depending on your own specific bidding strategies. 

The CaptainBI tool is solely intended for Amazon Sellers to boost the business’s growth by working on every aspect of a product selling for increased sales and profit.


Clear and intuitive graphical data that is easy to understand.
Significant improvement in operational efficiency.
Purely cloud-based application, no installation required.
Officially authorized API for Amazon.
Updates official data in Real-time.
It protects user rights, and user data is protected using encryption techniques. Thus, a secure platform!
Sound User Interface.


This is only for Amazon sellers, and I think that's the only disadvantage.

Captain Bi

  • Real-Time Sales Data
  • Multiple-Marketplace Management
  • ASIN Analytics
  • Profit & Loss Reporting
  • FBA Inventory Management
  • Amazon Sponsor Ads Tool
  • Store & Product Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • ASIN Reverse Lookup
  • Product Reviews Analysis

Captain Bi

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