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Powerful amazon analytics to boost your amazon sales

SellerLegend is an Amazon Analytics toolkit that gives you maximum performance in terms of the performance of your Amazon company.



  • Customizable
  • Useful for visualizing data
  • Utilizes close to real-time data for accuracy
  • Saves time through smart automation
  • Customizable
  • Useful for visualizing data
  • Utilizes close to real-time data for accuracy
  • Saves time through smart automation


  • New users may need time to adjust to the software
  • Lacks some features due to Amazon restrictions


There are many to be aware of, but after reading this Seller Legend review, we hope you will walk away with a detailed overview of the features:

  • Dashboards
  • Sales and Revenue Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • PPC Performance Tracking

Keep in mind that these features may work exceptionally well for one type of business and less so for another. As you learn about these features, keep your own business goals in mind.


The Seller Legend software comes with three different dashboards to help you manage your Seller Central data. These include:

  • Marketplace dashboard
  • Product dashboard
  • Customer dashboard

Within each of these dashboards, you will have access to a variety of widgets. Many of the widgets available are there to address Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Understanding KPI’s through a platform such as Seller Legend will help your business determine new targets.

Marketplace Dashboard

On the marketplace dashboard, you can view your revenue, sales, and your estimated profit at once. You can see these metrics over various periods, rather than sifting through months or years of reporting on Seller Central.

You can also create sales history charts to visualize your data in terms of revenue v. costs. Within this, you can see how different operating costs compare to each other. The widgets found on the marketplace dashboard include:

  • Customers Watch List Summary (Reasons & Counts For Marketplace)
  • Relative Performance By Marketplace
  • Customer Segmentation
  • My Products
  • My Accounts
  • Inventory Restocking Alerts (All Products Within Marketplace)
  • Account Valuation
  • Repeating Vs. One-time Customers
  • Promotions/Coupon Codes (All Products Within Marketplace)
  • Returns By Disposition
  • Top 10 Best Selling Products


Product Dashboard

If you use the product dashboard on Seller Legend, you can track important performance metrics. For each product that you sell, this includes:

  • Returns
  • Inventory
  • Refund rates
  • COGS
  • Disposition

If you create a sales history chart on the product dashboard, you can see how different products behave over time and what their future profitability might look like. You can also see how the expenses related to the creation and marketing of these products play out. Like the marketplace dashboard, the product dashboard has several widgets that we find useful, including:

  • % Refunds/ % Returns Rate (For Product)
  • Cost Of Goods History By Date
  • Inventory Restocking Alerts (For Product)
  • Product Financial Attributes
  • Promotions/ Coupon Codes (For Product)
  • Product Listing Details (Linking To Product Listing Changes History)
  • Average Customer Cross-Sell Rates (For Product)
  • Customer Segmentation (For Product)
  • Product Dimensional/ Volumetric Data
  • Product Identifiers (Linking to BSR History Chart)
  • Units Sold By Price Point Over Time Dimension

Customer Dashboard

Another feature that we want to highlight in this Seller Legend Review is the customer dashboard. With this dashboard, you can get an in-depth look at your customer’s buying behaviors and how they are interacting with your products. Also, you have access to the following widgets:

  • Customer Free-format Notes
  • Reasons Customer is Waitlisted
  • Customer as Reseller Details
  • Product Cross-Sell Per Customer
  • Customized Data Capture
  • Customer Lifetime Value

The three dashboards are important features of the Seller Legend software. They act as the main structural elements. But there are several other features we feel it’s important to discuss. Specifically, the following management tools that you’ll see in this software:

Sales and Revenue Monitoring

Look for trends and changes by viewing your sales and product performance as well as your revenue performance. You can sort it by various time increments and even form different reports based on things like SKU, Amazon Payout, brand, product group, and more.

Order Management

If you want to manger your orders, you can use this software to view past orders and pending orders in full detail. This includes things like coupon codes used and promotional discounts. You can easily view orders that were returned and their status.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

With this product, you can effectively manage your inventory. You can track how much you still have available and how much you are selling. It can also help you notice when it’s time to restock your inventory. You can shape it to your individual business needs.

Customer Management

Seller Legend gives you insight into your customers and their patterns of behavior when it comes to buying your products. Track important metrics like customer lifetime value, customer/product cross-sell, and more.

Product Management

With the software’s product management element, you can build useful statistics about your products, your stock position, and the Cost of Goods (COGS).

PPC Performance Tracking

Seller Legend also offers PPC performance tracking that can help you manage your ongoing campaigns and improve your digital marketing efforts.


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